Yet another change of the API

I guess garmin is making a lot of changes to their API recently. The API I used for the laps is changed. I need to work on a new fix… I have pushed a temporary fix on the store.

While in previous week, some of the changes were subtle modification of the API. Here, ConnectStats is using some older Garmin API to get the laps, which now returns a message saying that this access point is disabled. For now I removed the laps download, because that’s easy and quick, but I need to also work on using a newer API for laps. I am also going to review all the old access point ConnectStats would be using and replace them with a newer one. This will be a subsequent release, and then the laps will come back. I am worried some of these older API point may also get disabled soon.


Garmin API changed again

UPDATE: good news, it seems to be an slight API change, but not an attempts to stop 3rd party. So I could get it working again. Will push an update to the store as soon as possible.

It appears Garmin disabled access from ConnectStats again. As before I’ll remove the app from sales and turn off bug reporting until I can figure out the reason. I am sorry but at the moment I have very little time I can put into the app, so it may take a bit of time to get to the bottom of the issue. Also it is quite worrying that Garmin disabled it so soon, while it could be a coincidence and still a side effect of an API change, it’s also possible they just want to stop 3rd party app.

I will update when I can, sorry for the inconvenience.

Fix for Connection Issue (ConnectStats 3.2.1)

So I have a way to get the app to work again. It required a few tweaks, but I can only get it working if I do two login in a row. This is utterly bizarre and sub optimal, but I am giving up at this point trying to do better. I’ll push this version to the store so that people can get a working version as soon as possible. Maybe I’ll figure out a better way later.

I have a lot of other pending fixes and features that I was planning to release along with iOS 10. Because these other changes include iOS 10 specific code, I can’t include them in this release, so this is really a very small patch that only addresses the login issue. I will release the rest shortly after when iOS 10 is available.

Cross finger the API is not going to change again soon…