ConnectStats and iOS 9

ConnectStats will take advantage of a few new features of iOS 9 with version 2.2.

Spotlight Search

Activities you looked at will show up in spotlight searches. So if for example you type run london in the spotlight search, it should shows activities you ran in london. Note that it will not search your whole activities history, but only the activities you opened in the last few months. To do search on the whole history you can still do that with the search function in the activity list of ConnectStats

Dynamic Fonts

Ok, technically this was already available in iOS 8, but never got around to implement it. So now, ConnectStats will use the system font, the new San Francisco font on iOS 9 and the size will be adjusted with the Dynamic Type settings of your phone. Very personally I prefer the iOS 8 font, but I feel it’s the right thing to update ConnectStats to follow the system default font. There will still be an option in the settings to revert to the old font if you really prefer that.

Optimized Binary and Asset

ConnectStats asset have been reorganised to potentially benefit from the new app thinning for the app store that should result in smaller size binaries and download.

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