ConnectStats back online v3.1

ConnectStats just got approved and should show up on the store again. Please update and the issues with downloading activities should be fixed.

I was in the middle of adding new features and bug fixes, so you should also have now a log scale for power curves, which I think work better. I just got my first power meter, so expect a few more improvement on power graphs and data as I play with it πŸ™‚


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    • Yes. Got few users already told me it works now. I am going to re-enable the bug report tonight, when I get back to my computer and then you will be able to send me a bug report again so I can take a look

  1. I’m considering to buy this app for my iPad, but I wonder whether ConnectStats also displays data of “indoor” activities transferred from garmin connect such as indoor cycling, indoor running machine and so on. I have the speed, cadence sensor, and heart rate sensors. For me, I don’t do any outdoor activities.

  2. Hi Brice, how do I get the new version? I keep going to the Apple Store app for updates, which tells me 3.1 is there but I never see the “update” button like I do with other apps – only “open”. My version inside the app is 2.1 so I’m definitely due for an update.

    If I delete the app from my phone and re-download, will I lose any data or is everything just downloaded again from Garmin?



  3. 3.1 broke “health” stats summary for me. They don’t show for any activity, only for “all”. When I choose any detail view (weight, heart rate for example) the count shows 0 instead of the correct count shown in summary view.

    Just reinstalled 3.0.2 for testing -> health stats work as expected.

  4. Just curious if there is a way to SHARE from the main activities page?
    I need to be able to send my log to my coach and being able to text that to him straight from Connect Stats would be good, but if not I can take a screenshot. At some point, I’d LOVE to be able to share via text from some sort of log in page-just sayin’! TY!

    • Hum. I don’t currently have a way to share the log. Do you use garmin or strava? Both service allow you to have someone follow you. What other method did you have in mind to share from the app?

      • I want my coach to be able to view my log-I am going to take a screen shot and text it to him-that log will only give him the basic info from the Activities page. I was “hoping” somewhere somehow that he would be able to view the statistics of the activites-but I am thinking the only way that may be able to happen is for he and I to connect via Garmin Connect for that.
        And I am still unsure as to why the ConnectStats spm is so low in comparison to my Garmin-my normal running cadence is typically between 173-177 according to my Garmin Forerunner 620 and ConnectStats shows it as average run cadence as 70?

        • Currently the only way and best way to share is to connect via Garmin Connect or Strava. For the cadence, 70 is in cadence for same foot, 170 is between feet. You can choose and change the display in the setting of ConnectStats

  5. And just real quick-forgot to ask in my previous comment-why do the Connect Stats show such a low SPM as opposed to a much higher Cadence recording from my Garmin Forerunner 620?

    • Are your activities downloaded successfully in the app? Did you record the activity with gps & does the map show on garmin web site?

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