ConnectStats broken after another Garmin API change

This morning, the Garmin API changed again resulting in ConnectStats failing to download activities again. It had happened on a smaller scale a few weeks ago. The issue is the same as before but for different part of the API, so it was quite quick to fix. But as before I need to push that version to apple and wait for them to approve it and release it, which can take up to a week. app review times indicates a 5 days average for release, so we’ll see. As soon as version 3.1 is available, once you update it should work again.

To avoid hate mail and incendiary reviews during the outage I disabled the bug report and removed the app from sale on the store. I made the mistake not to do that last outage… I will re-enable everything as soon as the new version is out.

I do not know if the change means Garmin is trying to play cat and mouse and prevent 3rd party developer to access their API. Their message in the past was a bit unclear. They said they would disabled, but I had registered with them and they could see the activity of ConnectStats, yet didn’t disable it. I hope the current outage is not intentional. We’ll see how the situation evolves. I’ll keep you posted.

5 thoughts on “ConnectStats broken after another Garmin API change

  1. No hate mail here, love your app, use it daily, and will wait patiently for Apple to release your update. It’s a shame that Garmin keeps changing things rapidly and not deprecating them and letting them phase out over time. Thank you for all of your efforts!

  2. Likewise really like your app, and though garmins app has started showing a few improvements it’s a far less in depth analysis tool then connectstats. I will be curious next week how my condition developed as I’m training for a first marathon and was using your fitness and fatigue graph as a great indicator.

  3. Just bought the app, it won’t retrieve any info from garmin connect and I use the Fenix 3hr. Am I out of luck??

    • It should definitely work. Do you see activities on the garmin website? Can you send me a bug report with an email address so I can look and get back to you?

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