ConnectStats development continues…

Everything seems to be working again. ConnectStats survives another challenge and will continue its path for now. I want to thank everyone for the messages of support and positive comment on the app. It’s nice to see quite a few people still appreciate the app.

Quite a few comments talked about paying some extra fee to keep the maintenance of ConnectStats, it is appreciated but I do not do this for the money. This is a hobby, I have a day job that pays the bills. The revenue from such an app is very limited anyway. The small fee I charge for the app, is mostly to cover apple and other services fees and so I can buy guilt-free development tools or gadgets that I don’t really need, and justify it as needed to test or work on the app…

What is much more motivating for me is the support messages and continued positive feedback and reviews. So do not hesitate if you like the app to continue to review it positively on the store. If anything I am contemplating making ConnectStats an open source project, but I didn’t find the time to do the necessary refactoring and cleanup it would require to let others contribute.

A lot of the main apps provided by the big players are improving fast. We are a long way from the beginning of ConnectStats where I felt the urge to build an app as nothing provided the type of analysis I wanted. Garmin Connect is improving fast, and I really like the Strava app. I feel some of the feature I see added elsewhere are similar to some of the one built for ConnectStats offer some time back. I like to think, sometimes, that ConnectStats was a positive influence. Probably it’s presumptuous and they would have improved the apps anyway.

Where ConnectStats lacks quite behind is the aesthetics. I wish I had the time and the skills to make it look better, similar to Strava or the Withings app that I like quite a lot.

I thank everyone for the messages of support, and I’ll continue to do what I can to keep ConnectStats alive as long as possible.

18 thoughts on “ConnectStats development continues…

  1. Nice job and precursor app for sure. The strength of ConnectStats is all the slice and dice we can make with data, where it is currently limited in the Garmin connect and strava apps (and not showing signs of progress !). Just two examples, it is not possible to have the YTD data in Garnin Connect. You still cannot compare over years.
    Personnaly, i’m not looking for a nice app. I’m looking more for a data analysis app to check progress over time. At this time, running 4 to 5 time a week, i’m looking for advanced analytics (spm progress, stride length progress, VO2 max, rebound..). And i tend to think the people who bought connectstats were looking for more flexible data analysis than the ones available in garmin connect, not for just another app making itself nice looking. Just an advice for an addict user of connectstats who does not even look at Garmin connect and did try strava also.
    Thanks anyway for giving some of your time, and good idea for the open project !
    Yan (Paris)

  2. I agree this app is superb for the data – especially across runs, trends in stride length, cadence, speed vs heartrate etc. I like the direct comparisons of two runs also a lot.

    I’d continue to develop improved content – one thing I’ve always wanted is to see the running performance without warmup and cool down. I understand that’s hard as connectstats would need to regognize these.
    I wonder though if when I run intervals on the watch, does the watch send the interval parameters (wu, 10×400, 90srest, cd) also to CG? In that case you could trend the speed and heartrate of the speed intervals over time. That would be cool, today I keep a notepad file for that!


    • The only thing we get from GC is the laps. But I will see if I can do some analysis of the run/period that would match interval. Could you send me maybe a few fit files with intervals so I can look if there is extra info in them?

  3. Is it broken again? No download after Wednesday, and yesterday there was A Beta app for GC for a day. Maybe that broke it?

  4. Excellent app, but I have found the odd bug, mostly minor cosmetic issues but also some calculation errors. Would be happy to report with screenshots etc but not sure where to send them.

  5. Hi Brice,

    Ive invested in a stryd foot pod/power meter which i used for last month. It has much better pace and distance stability and also power seems a better metric to describe intensity than heartrate – as heartrate with either strap or optical has fits of giving very high numbers which then overestimate the intensity.

    The power numbers however do not go from garmin connect to connectstats. I think they are in the .Fit file as I can see them on CG.

    Would be great to combine your many insightful screens with power data. Is that possible?

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