Fixed and new version 3.6.1 on the way to the app store

So I managed to find some time and fix the parsing error problem this weekend. I have submitted the fix to apple, it usually takes a few days to make it to the store from here.

The API changed quite a bit, so was trickier than in the past, but the good news is that it got simplified quite a bit, so now my code to connect is much cleaner…

I know it can be a bit frustrating for connectstats users to have to live with regular issues related to log in into garmin, but let’s not forget that we need to be grateful that garmin continues to tolerate access to their API via connectstats. Their preference is for people to build a full back-end service and use their push API. This unfortunately would not be viable for a small app like connectstats, but too expensive to maintain and would take too much time for me to build. So thank you garmin for letting connectstats continue its

I also want to apologise to ConnectStats users, as I have lately been extremely busy and didn’t do much new development or wasn’t very responsive to user requests. As some of you may know already, I do the app as side hobby, but have a quite busy day job. We are actually lucky, as if the outage had happened a few months ago, it would have been quite difficult for me to get the app back up and running. Beside keeping track with Garmin’s changes, a few month ago, apple made changes to its system that also broke connectstats and I was unable to push any fixes for a while. Luckily I had just resolved it a few weeks ago before the outage…

Hope connectstats despite these headwinds will continue to be available for a while.


24 thoughts on “Fixed and new version 3.6.1 on the way to the app store

  1. Really enjoy the detail in this app and personally I would not mind at all, paying a monthly fee to ensure its continuation.

  2. Thanks Brice. Those of us who have used ConnectStats for some time and have benefited in our training from your app greatly appreciate what you do. Rick

  3. I’m new to running (even though I’m 70!) And was having great problems adjusting to long (more than (5k) runs. My Garmin FR 235 and those app have helped immensely; so thank you very much. It’s been much appreciated

  4. Even though the Garmin Connect App continues to improve and offer features similar to some of those seen in Connectstats – I still look at each run and especially at the overview of runs in connectstats. Thanks! Freek

  5. Thanks for this app. Really appreciate your work! Would be happy to pay for future development.

    Would be very helpful to censor some activities from analysis as they have data errors that throw them off graph autoscaling, etc.

  6. Appreciate the effort. I would be willing to pay a one time fee, but not monthly recurring fee. Without this there would be glaring gap in the market for stats. I use Strava and Garmin. Each has one or two interesting views but neither is adequate alone.

  7. Thank you so much for this. I really feel I should be paying more (and would be happy to do so) after all this great service for a modest one time fee ages ago.

  8. Great app. Use it all the time, also, really like you being so upfront about issues and letting your user base know what is going on!

  9. Just in the apple App Store to update to 3.6.1; however, I receive the ‘this app does not exist’ pop-up. Was it taken down since the release?

    • Yes. I removed it because it does not work and i don’t want the first experience of someone purchasing it to be a bug… will put back as soon as fixed

      • Excellent thank you so much, I have just tried to download it and got the same message. – guess that I will,wait for a day or two. Such a great app. Thanks.

  10. Thanks very much for updating again. Very much appreciated.

    Could I just mention that my non running sessions no longer have an alternative icon such as a barbell.
    Thanks again for your hard work

  11. I am so happy i am dancing in the driveway! Thank you so much for today’s new version that puts iOS 9 compatibility back in. Thank you 100x. If you are thinking of keeping it iOS 9 compatible for a while, email me and let me know how i can PayPal you another $2. I didn’t think i was getting it back so this update makes me feel like i got a new app.

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