Garmin API Change: Good News Bad News

The bad news: it seems the old Garmin API connect stats was using is no longer working for some people which results errors during download.


The good news is that I put in ConnectStats a way to access an alternative newer API that continues to work.

So if you get errors you should be able to fix it by going to the config screen, select services, garmin and turn alternative API on.

4 thoughts on “Garmin API Change: Good News Bad News

  1. Great app! Have been using for the past few years and love it. Is there a way to re characterize my Zwift rides as cycling events so they show up in my cycling totals?

  2. Hi. I still prefer you app particularly for looking at long term totals by activity over the proprietry product which has too many tabs and pull downs I never use. When will they learn clean and simple apps are best??

    In particular I like you stats page with the yearly distance summaries . Have 5 years of data now and have to keep that thick black line (current year) above all the others! Keep up the good work. It’s greatly appreciated.

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