Quick update on fix timing

I am currently travelling, and somehow, I forgot to copy the key/certificate I need to submit to the apple store on my laptop… So won’t be able to submit the fix until I get back home this weekend and access my iMac… Sorry for the delay.

On a separate news, someone pointed out to me that Garmin is now offering a new API to access data on their service. I just submitted a form and applied to get access. Hopefully ConnectStats will be approved to use that API and it should simplify the app maintenance in the future. Will keep you posted.

12 thoughts on “Quick update on fix timing

  1. Thanks for your work!

    I was wondering: could you easily use the Strava api so non-garmin people could use ConnectStats as well? Cheers!, Georges

    • Yes, Strava should be supported already. Let me know if you have issues with it. But if you record with a garmin, connecting via the garmin service gives you more details on the activities

  2. THANKS FOR this app. I’ve been a runner for 38 years (YIKES!!) and use this app religiously. I wrote u years ago thanking you and suggested this app is so good I’d have bought it it’s so good.

  3. Sometimes you find out how much you miss something, when it’s not available anymore.
    I like your App! Thanks for your work!

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