Solution to two recent problems

I received quite a bit of feedback on two issues recently, but wasn’t very responsive… My excuse? I was on vacation, Yay!

Error Updating

Since a few days ago, people receive an “error updating”. It will loads the latest activities. but stops, which is both annoying and plain bad if you have more than 20 new activities as it won’t download the remaining. This is due to another API change, the access point ConnectStats uses to download the power zones changed. So as quick fix, I removed the downloading of power zone and will add it back when I have a bit more time. A new version 4.4.2 is on its way with this fix.

Missing old activities

Quite a few people had issues downloading old activities. A new version should address the issue. If you were affected, once you have the new version 4.4.3, you should go to    config, select Current Profile and Force Download Old Activities. This should try to download again everything.


8 thoughts on “Solution to two recent problems

  1. Welcome back 😉
    “Force Download Old Activities“ won’t work with my account.
    If your still looking for some “broken” account, let me know where I can email you my login/pass.
    Thank you 😉

  2. Thanks again Brice for a great app. I have thanked you before, but wanted you to know how appreciative I am, and sure there are many others who feel the same. Been using it for several years now and it really is a useful tool for my triathlon training. Picked up Joe Friel’s log again at the outset of the year just to have a written log in preparing for Ironman Muncie 70.3, but really, I did not need to do that. Your program has every tool I need to track accurately my training.

    • thanks a lot. This is really appreciated. Feel free to suggest other tools or analysis you’d like, I am actually out of new ideas to implement…

  3. Hi – “Force Download of Old Activities” appears to work but stops at April 2017 despite me having data going back to 2012. When scrolling through the data on the Garmin Connect app to check all the source data was still there it paused very slightly at Apr 2017, so I wonder if Garmin treat earlier data differently? Happy to share my details if it would help. Thanks again for your great app. Richard

    • Yes, thanks to the other user above, I now believe I understand the problem and fixed it. In his case was related to multi sport activities (of which I don’t have any in my account so never noticed). Can you confirm you have a multi sport activity near the time when connectstats stops downloading? If not, yes, it would be useful to email me your details.

  4. Great job. Finally you found the bug that prevented old workouts from downloading with today’s update.
    I nearly gave up waiting for that fix.

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