ConnectStats started in 2011 when I was frustrated at the way I could look at my activities from Garmin on my phone. It has been quite a journey since then. The app has been maintained and enhanced on my free time since then. I am pleased that the app has quite a bit of following and continue to be downloaded regularly on the store.

Brief context about me. I currently run, bike and play tennis. Originally I was more into running and tennis only, but after moving to London, it appeared the best way to get to work was biking, so got into that. The club I joined to play tennis here has a nice swimming pool and when Garmin came out with a swimming watch, I decided to get into that too, but swimming didn’t last. Developing ConnectStats is a hobby for my rare free time, I have a quite demanding full time job and a busy family life too.

I am not very competitive, I run slowly, bike very slowly and swim dreadfully slow. I haven’t yet found the feature to add to ConnectStats to make me faster, but I won’t give up that quest 🙂

The key allocated time to my training is my 10k commute to work. I try to run 4 trips to work a week and bike the rest. So total about 100km per week, and my best known distance is 10k…

I’ll try to post articles about the development of ConnectStats and how I use it to look at my different activities and progress (or lack of), and some other topics related to development and maybe some geeky stuff.


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  1. Hello, I would like to give you the following feedback: would you consider including a distance counter for shoes as well?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi,
      So far in the app I avoid keeping any data that does not come from Garmin. If garmin provide this data, I will think of adding it.

  2. Hello! I LOVE your app!! I am an avid road cyclist and Garmin user of many years (500 Edge and 910X)

    One feature on the Edge 500 I use regularly and like to monitor is hill gradient. I don’t know if I am misreading it somehow but when I split my laps into 1000m (1km) units the areas on the route I know are 13% gradient show in the app as around 2.4%. May I ask why it does not give an accurate statistic of the actual % gradient as it shows on the Edge? Is this something you can add? It would be REALLY helpful when preparing for a hilly cycling challenge.
    Thank you again for the comprehensive app, I use it all the time 🙂
    Kind regards

    • thanks for the comment. About the gradient. It’s supposed to to report altitude gain/distance. What does it show for total elevation gain? I also just re-enabled the bug reporting in the app. Can you email me a bug report, mentioning the gradient and including activity data so I can see what the calculation does for your case? thanks!

  3. Hi. I Love the App!

    But singc a few Updates i am missing the possibility to zoom the Charts/Graphs!

    It was possible in the past by sliding with 2 Fingers

    Please reactivate this Great function!!!!

    One additional improvement recomendation in the compare function:
    Possibility to Shift the startpoint ( like an Offset ) or Select only a part of the compared Graphs. This is very helpful if i want to compare , for example only Same 1 uphill/climb on 2 different activities/Tracks .

    • Yes, the zoom wasn’t really working very well, I disabled it pending fixing/improvement, hopefully will be done soon.

      For the compare. I see what you mean. I need to think a bit how the UI would work to do that. Not completely straightforward.

      • Brice, I have V 1.19. I am logged into Garmin Connects but when I start your app it goes to a blank like spreadsheet and just sits there thinking. This the case for both my Ipad and 5c iPhone. When I hit
        Tools it shows the defaults and says no errors. I’m lost.
        Email – dmcguiney@yahoo.com
        Thank you.

      • If you could send a bug report from the app settings including your email and a bit of description of the problem I can take a look

  4. Hi,

    I use your app every time I go on a bike ride. I sync the Garmin 510 data from Garmin Connect to Strava. It works GREAT!

    I am having a problem with the elevation gain that shows up in Strava after the sync from Garmin Connnect. Today for example, the Garmin 510 recorded an elevation gain of 3750 feet. This number shows up on Garmin Connect. However, after the sync with Strava, the elevation showed up in Strava as about 4700 feet. This happens every time. The elevation gain is way too much after the Strava sync. I have to “Correct Elevation” in Strava every time. I’m hoping you can take a look into this. Otherwise your app is amazing!!

    Thanks a lot.

    • I don’t know about your specific case, but I investigated similar issue. When I looked the bottom line was the raw elevation captured by the device was quite different from the corrected by either garmin or strava and I don’t think there is much that can be done except using the elevation correction from either service.

  5. Downloaded this app today. I have spent 3 hours of wasted time trying to access my Garmin data. This app is totally useless.

  6. Great App! I used it with my Garmin Swim watch. Now I changed to a Suunto Ambit watch and would ask, if you also plan a “connection” to the Suunto Movescout site? That would be great :-).
    Thanks and Greetings

  7. Hi – nice app. I notice that for the HR Zones data it takes zone 1 as from the resting HR rather than the low limit of z1. This then means z1 is from resting to the lower limit, rather than lower limit to higher limit! This isn’t correct. For eg in Garmin i’m resting at 48, zone 1 112-144, Zone 2 144-152, z3 152-161, z4 161-169, z5 169-179 But on the app z1 is 48-112. The result is all the other zones are shifted and we end up with 4 not 5. Anyway of changing this?

  8. Just would like to say thanks for a great app.
    I was looking at tracking similar data in excell untill i found this app by mistake.
    I really like the way it keeps track of your heart rate and speed over time and actually makes it usefull to see if you are improving over a period of time versus loosing fitness or staying the same by using the stats summary.

    I could not be more pleased .

    Again thanks

  9. I have recently uploaded the application. I see highly inconstant data concerning cadence (spm). Garmin connect shows e.g. average cadence of 172 and average stride length of 1.07m while connectstats show average cadence of 86 and average stride length of 2.15m (!!!). Could you please explain the reason for this and how the data in connectstats can be correctly displayed?

    Thank you
    JD Cink

  10. Is there a way to get all of my Garmin data over? So far, ConnectStats has data from Jan 2014 to current. Nothing earlier than Jan 2014.
    Love the app!

    • Assuming your old activities are in the same garmin account, in the config tag, select profile and you should have an option to Force Reload old activities.

  11. hello, i have a few strange doubled activities that i cannot delete. they showed up after health integration but just in one week. how can i delete them?
    i could send you a screenshot.

  12. Hi, I cannot see the chart “time in Zone (Heart Rate)”. In Config/Health and Zone it shows only two power related zones, no HR related zones. I use a Garmin Forerunner 220. Does time in zone for Heart Rate not work with the Forerunner 220? Many thanks!

    • It should definitely work. A few people reported similar issue (zones not working) but I haven’t been able to reproduce and fix. I am working on it, hopefully will figure it out for the next release

  13. Could you consider letting us enter training zones directly into the app rather than pulling from Garmin Connect is: Pwr/HR Zones.
    I cannot get Connect Stats to pull my HR zones yet it does pull my Pwr zones

    • Yes, actually, I am working on that. But it may take a while to release, targeting after the summer at this point.

  14. Question for you, you mention in the App Store that data from Vivofit and Vivosmart is not supported. How about VivoActive HR?

  15. Hi Brice

    Would love to have a widget that allows me to show all the ride/activities done between two dates (or past and future) with one specific device (bike, road cycle etc). And all in one single map. Would be nice as well…
    .. for long travelling (just upload your activity and it gets synchronised onto wordpress site)
    .. for day by day activities to see where one was cycling/running etc..

    Any hints on that?

    Best regards

  16. Hi, recently I had problem with login to garmin so I followed instructions and uninstalled my iphone app. Then I was trying to install it back – it was impossible because app has country limitation (slovakia)… :(. So what now? I was using app for a long time and I was very satisfied.

  17. Hy,

    I need your help.
    When I want to choose the french language the app doesn’t translate. I don’t understand why and I don’t know how to do that.
    Thanks for your reply.



  18. Hi, love your app. Is there an option to lett the app treat my zwift home trainersesions from strava as bike session instead of other? This Willem help me analyze my bike trainings better as I combine the two.. cheers! Pieter

    • It maybe possible, but I need to see how they are represented. For that, is it possible to send me a bug report by doing the following: select the latest zwift activity, so it’s shown in the app. Then go to settings and send a bug report after selecting the include activity in bug report option. Then I can have a look and see how to detect it.

  19. What a great app ! I really like all the stats possibilities and activities search selection.

    Regarding the graph “average HR (time in zone)”, and as a new developpment, do you think it would be possible to add calculation of an equivalent stress / effort indicator ? Something like HRZones ponderation : time in HRZ1 x 1 + time in HRZ2 x 2 + time in HRZ3 x 4 + time in HRZ4 x 8 + time in HRZ5 x 16, and probably the sum to be multiplied by a constant factor (10 or 30) to get significant figure.


  20. Hi there, you just made some changes. Tried to download but the App Stores says can’t download from South African store. I’ve been using this App for a while. Can you help?

    • Yes, when the app does not work I remove it from the store. As soon as Apple approves the fix, I will put it back

  21. Greetings. I would like to buy/use your app, but when I try and install it on my iPAD I get the error “This app is not compatible with your device”.
    My iPAD is model A1460. Running iOS 10.3.3. 4th Generation with Lightning connector. Late 2012.
    I find it hard to believe that your app will not run on this device?
    Perhaps it is just a case of changing a setting on the iTunes App Store?
    Thanks for your time.

    • This is surprising. It should be supported definitely. I only support iOS 10.3 and later, but your version should be fine. I will check on my side if I messed up some settings about minimum iOS version, but if that was the case, the app store behaviour should be to not show you the app (if your version is too old). It maybe silly, but did you try restarting the App Store App (or your iPad) in case it’s in a weird state? Otherwise you may have to contact the apple store. It seems there are people successfully using the app on iOS 10.3/iPad.

      • Thanks for checking. I am an Android guy and bought the second hand iPad just to run your app (I have a new Garmin Forerunning935 and want to understand the data better).
        We have done both of your suggestions, restarted the store (double click home, swipe up and relaunch) and have also powered down the pad, then started it from cold.
        Still getting the same message.
        Looking carefully at the ‘supported devices’ list for your app on the store listing, it is hard to tell if my model iPAD is there or not.
        I have no idea how to contact the apple store, I guess I could go in there physically and ask them to take a look, but it seems to me that it is a case of my model number is not listed, thus is not supported?

        • Looking more, I think I may have an idea. I may have sont something wrong in the submission of the app. I will try something and likely push a new version. May not make it to the store until Monday though.

          • Yes!! Thanks so much! I am up and running.
            It popped up a notice about wanting to download the latest compatible version which I had to say yes to and away we went.
            Very grateful for your time in building the app and for helping a single customer out (me!).
            Looking forward to digging into your app and my running data. Thanks again.

  22. Hi, great app, been using it for years to analyse my swim workouts with a Garmin swim watch. However I moved to an Apple Watch 2 last year and can no longer analyze my workouts. All the Apple apps are rubbish, so any plans to include Apple swim data into the App? Be great to be able monitor HR and properly analyze my workouts again.

      • I think all the data is transferred from the watch into the Apple health app. Happy to to share my data with you if it helps. Also happy to perform any testing with my watch.

  23. Hey …. in the new Version i can‘t find the Button to Show distance in a new window, This was the only way to show the Data by Distance and not by time.
    I think it‘s only a Little Problem, because the screens for Hartbeet, Temprature … can show.

    Thanks for fix the bug……

  24. Hi
    I haven’t been able to download any data since Wednesday? Have you heard of any problems?
    Best regards

  25. Up until a month ago my data from Strava was appearing for me in Connect Stats.

    I am using the new Timex Ironman and I was able to pull my Run and swim data back into Connect Stats then it quit.

    The swim seemed limited but it showed that I had down it for x minutes.

    Can you help me?

    • This seems wrong. I turned off the bug reporting right now because of some other issue. I will turn it back on this week after the next release, then can you send me a bug report so I can have a look?

  26. Thanks for this useful app. I was wondering whether there will be the possibility of including a couple of complementary fields were we would be able to include additional info such as motivation, how we felt during training session, the initially planned training, etc,
    thanks a lot

  27. Brice, I had to delete my database, now it does download only the current year, even if I do the old workouts button. I use Garmin. Any idea?

  28. Please consider developing the app for Android! I really love your app and been using it for a couple of years now, but I’m moving to Android and really would like keep using it

  29. Seems like garmin has changed the api – cant login. Using iphone, app vers 4.5. BTW Thanks for your app 😀 – Thomas

  30. Same here, can’t login and tried to remove and reinstall the app, but found out the app is not on appstore anymore 🙁
    Thanks for a great app!

    • Yes, I removed from the store while I sort the issue. I have now a fix, as soon as I push it to the store, I’ll enable the app again.

  31. Hello!

    I wanted to ask about a pace calculation called ‘accumulated pace’.
    I used to use Sportracks 3 and found the ‘Accum Pace’ field to be helpful to me to determine how much a ‘bad’ split affected my overall pace. As you can see below my 3rd split(mile) was uphill and I lost a minute over my previous split. But it didn’t affect by overall or accumulated pace (to that point) as much.

    Distance Split pace Pace chg. last Accum. pace
    1.00 9:31.50 9:31.50 9:31.50
    2.00 9:24.54 -0:06.96 9:28.02
    3.00 10:27.53 +1:02.99 9:47.86
    3.12 9:53.78 -0:33.75 9:48.09

    Does this exist in connectstats and I missing it?


  32. Hi, i would really like to use this app. Unfortunately i do not own any apple device, so i am not able to use it. Is there any option for me to get it on my android or windows devices?

  33. Haven’t been aware before, but is it true that if you make a multi sport file in garmin, the run distance will not appear in weekly stats?
    Fantastic app!!
    Best regards

  34. Hi there! The app seems great !

    I have one question: is it totally free ?

    Do you plan on charging a fee anywhere in the future?

    Just to know! 🙂


    • I currently don’t have a plan to charge a fee. The cost of maintenance of the required infrastructure is not too bad, so I still do that as a hobby. If it started to cost more, I may charge to cover the cost, but I don’t anticipate this to become the case.

  35. Hi,
    My account on garminconnect has been canceled. Whether it is possible to transfer data from ConnectStats to my new Garmin acount?
    Best regards

    • You should be able to access the data in ConnectStats by connecting the phone to a Mac and either using iTunes (pre Catalina) or finder to see the files. But I may not be in the format you need to import back to Garmin though, i think it’s the format garmin exports data not how it imports it…

  36. Great app! I have a feature request: Can you provide a list of activities that do not have gear attached? I sometimes forget to select which shoes I used, but there’s no way in the Garmin app to easily see this (neither in the WebApp).

  37. I use Garmin Forerunner 245 and Stryd. I am unable to see the power data on ConnectStats. How do I configure the app to populate this data, please. Thanks.

  38. HI Brice, You’ ve been doing fantastic work with ConnectStats. It’s by far the best app to analyze all my sports activities. Thanks so much.

    Maybe I missed the page about funding…. I would be more than happy to contribute to your efforts. How could I do that? I am convinced there are many others out there that would do it also.

    • Thanks for your kind words.
      I have been receiving quite a bit of notes about people wanting to help funding of the app. I need to figure out how to setup something, I’ll investigate, maybe using PayPal donate.

  39. Ive downloaded fit file explorer on my iMac several months ago, but I can never get fit file explorer to launch. When i try to launch, I dont get any errors or messages or any evidence of something trying to start, other than the ability to quit the running app from the icon in the task bar. I am running macOS Catalina 10.19.7 (19H114). The app version i currently have is 3.3.

    Any ideas on how to launch?

    I’ve got several updates from the mac app store

      • I do and now I feel really dumb for asking. I didn’t see any splash screen and the menu bar didn’t catch my attention. Thanks pointing this out.

        • Yes sorry, the app is barebone.. it should also let you double click a fit file in the finder and open it, that’s my main use workflow personally… let me know if you have more troube

  40. Hello, do you have any info about your MAcro Dial app? I have to reinstall it now on a different phone, but it is disappeared from the Apple store…The app is reallly good, can help a lot and make my life more easy., thank you great job!

  41. Hello, thanks for makings this app. I love the details it can show me. One thing I’d like to be able to see is which gear I’m in. With Di2 it logs all the gear shifts in the fit file. Would you consider adding this to the app if possible. I could provide some fit files with the shift data if needed.


    • Yes you would have to provide some fit files so I can see how it looks and see if can be integrated. Send a bug report and I reply to you by email to get the fit files

  42. Hi! Thanks for the great app, I use it a lot, both to analyze specific activities, but also to compare overall stats year by year. I have one feature request: When viewing overall stats, it would be great if I could filter which types of activities to show. For instance, I would like to be able to view a summary of running, nordic skiing and cycling, but exclude downhill skiing, weight training and hikes.

  43. Hi ConnectStats does not download from Strava anymore, is there a bug with this as well as with the bar in data download? You mentioned it should “mostly” continue to work

  44. Hi, I’ve been using the app for a while now and I love the ease of access.
    I recently started using Zwift and have noticed these rides don’t appear. My Zwift is linked to both my Garmin and Strava.
    Have you got any plans to start showing Zwift rides or is it an issue my end?

  45. Hello, I’m a new FitFileExplorer user. Loving it for my son’s training analysis. Thanks for making the app available for free.

    I am having a difficulty with the Graph feature; trying to show second metric (i.e. Y2) yields no additional visualization. I am trying to overlay power output vs. heart rate across timeline to study heart rate vs. performance curve.

  46. Hi Bruce. Really love ConnectStats and would also like to have it on Apple Watch. Any idea on how to make the app available there, too? Thanks Michael

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