FlyFun Boarding Pass

FlyFun – Your Hilarious & Entertaining Flight Buddy

Who says boarding passes are only for big airlines? Embrace the fun side of flying with FlyFun, the ultimate app for pilots and aviation enthusiasts looking to add a touch of humor and entertainment to their private flights. Designed for small aircraft like Cessna or Cirrus, FlyFun lets you manage your flights and issue boarding passes with a disclaimer that’ll loosen up your passengers and relax them before the flight!

Key Features:

  • Sign in with apple to create your private airline.
  • Aircraft Management: Record your aircraft’s details, such as tail number and type, while enjoying a user-friendly interface that’s as light-hearted as your flights. Big airlines, who?
  • Import Passengers: Easily import passengers from your contacts and add them to your quirky crew. Flying with friends has never been this entertaining!
  • Create Flights: Effortlessly design amusing flights with random details like gates or flight numbers. Let’s show those big airlines how fun private flying can be!
  • Issue Boarding Passes: Generate boarding passes for your passengers that’ll make them giggle before takeoff. Each boarding pass comes with a humorous disclaimer, keeping things lighthearted and protecting the pilot from passengers who might be in a bad mood. Send these joke passes directly to their devices for a stress-free pre-flight experience.
  • Apple Wallet Integration: FlyFun allows passengers to add their boarding passes to Apple Wallet. Convenience with a side of humor? Yes, please!
  • Boarding Pass Validation: Use the app to scan and validate boarding passes on the day of the flight, because even in jest, we need to make sure everyone’s accounted for.

FlyFun turns your private flying experiences into unforgettable memories full of joy and amusement. So, put on your aviator sunglasses and captain’s hat, and let’s soar into the world of light-hearted aviation!

Download FlyFun now and let the laughter take flight!

Please note:
FlyFun is intended for private flights and fun experiences only. Not suitable for commercial use or serious aviation businesses.
FlyFun is open source so feel free to improve it!