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Here are the main topics for the documentation

Open Source

This app is now open source on GitHub, feel free to review the code, give feedback or contribute. You can also install the app for free using Xcode.

Questions the app is trying to answer

Here are some of the questions who motivated me to write this app the way I did. I am very interested to discuss what else to look for and what is of interest to do with the data.

Where was I fast or slow in my run?

This is the purpose of the map with gradient. Beside speed, you can rotate through other data like where was your heart rate, cadence or power high or low.

What was the real pattern of my speed over the run?

This is the purpose of the smoothing and the blue line. I always felt the plots in the garmin site were too noisy to really see what was the pattern of the speed over the run, so I tried to come up with some smoothing procedure and a moving average overlay that gives better sense hopefully of what happened. I am quite open for people to send me sample of runs or activities where they feel the plot is not very representative of what happened to think further about how to improve it, feel free to send me a bug report with an email contact to discuss.

How does my heart rate relate to my speed overtime

This is the purpose of the scatter plots in the stats page. The gradient color indicates the time of the points, so you see your evolution over time as your training improve (or worsen)

How am I doing compare to last month or last year

This is the reason for the cumulative graphs in the stats page

72 thoughts on “ConnectStats Documentation

  1. I am running in sachse, Texas, but the temp reading is giving me McKinney Texas airport and in C instead of F. How can I fix this??

    • The app does not determine the location for the weather, it comes from garmin connect, if the location is incorrect you should reach out to garmin. The temperature unit should be fixed in the latest version.

  2. Brice, I’m sure you’ve had this request before. I use both Garmin and Map My Run. Garmin for when I have my Garmin device and MMR when I’ve only got my phone. It would be supremely awesome if your app would pull data from both and display them both at the same time.

    Love the app though!

  3. Brice thank you for getting back to me. I love this app and miss using it. When I hit bug report the following came up: Fatal error: Call to a member function0 on a non-object in /home/bricerosenzwieg/public_html/php/sql_helper.php on line 463

    I couldn’t copy & paste. I believe I typed the above correctly. Does this help?

    • Yes, sorry the website is being updated to new platform, so lots of little issues likes this. I hope it will be resolved soon

    • It currently uses the language garmin was set to at the time of download. I have been thinking of a way to change the language manually but never got around doing that

  4. How do i delete duplicate activities? I have uploaded my strava data and also my new garmin 520 data(have only had it for a few rides). I have checked the do not upload duplicate data button also. I just need to delete 4-5 rides so my data will be accurate.

    • The duplicate feature is a bit picky and does not always detect them. I was worried about false positives. There is currently not a very good way to only delete an activity in the app, I will think of a way to do that.

  5. I downloaded to work with my Gardiner vivosmart smart. Every time I try to use Strava for the first time it says my password or user name is incorrect. I have tried all the ones I use. Any suggestions?

  6. Could you please add Openstreetmap as an option in addition to Google and Apple maps. At least around here, openstreetmap is much more completemwhen it comes to cycleways, footpats and trails.

  7. Can you get a heartrate and pace distribution chart of a selection of runs ( for example all runs from December 2015 or all runs with a certain word in the name?

  8. Now that GC has a heart Rate Training zones graph, it struck me that the distribution is different from the one shown in Connectstats. CS shows more time in highest zone than GC and from the other graphs I feel that CG is correct. I checked the boundaries of th zones are the same in both.


    • Very interesting. I didn’t know that GC now has time in zone. I checked on some of my activities and it’s true GC shows quite different values than ConnectStats, similar to you. But I exported the data to excel and it seems I can match the data from CS but not GC. Also the same run in Strava shows closer number to CS than GC. You can also by the way check the exact number CS reports by selecting Heart Rate Zone in the laps choices, it then also shows when you select the lap, where it matched that zone. I just posted about how I looked at it.

  9. Thanks for the quick reply! On second viewing you are right! Connectstats seems much closer than the Garmin Connect zones.

    On a recent hill repeat I ran up to about 160 bpm. GC showed 4 minutes in zone 5 (above 160). connectstats none.

  10. How do I adjust the “tempo zones” which then result in the bar chart after the pace chart. The lowest tempo bracket for me is set as 5:30 to 5:45 but meanwhile I run faster!


  11. Hi Brice, new change on garmin api? I get the garmin parsing error again. Thank you for fixing it again and again….

  12. Brice I are there as well plans to nmplement swimming. Is my swimming exercises the reason for errors sync?
    Running it is a greate app. Congratulations!

  13. I have my Garmin f5 one week and since i have done a Swim exercise I get a “pershing error” on Gramin in ConnectStats. so it seams this is hindering me on getting everything sanchez even I have done after running exercises. The one befor I have.

  14. Is it possible to export the best average power data in order to re plot in something like Excel or Matlab?

      • I’ve just downloaded your app and was a bit surprised to see you using yards as a measurement for altitude. Could I make a request when Imperial units are chosen, for altitude to be reported in feet. Yards are never, ever used as a unit for describing height. Yards are a bit like centimetres, yes they are a unit of distance measurement BUT they are only used in very specific circumstances and they are never used for measuring altitude – please can we have feet used for altitude? Thank you.

  15. Hi, Thanks for a wonderful app! Is it possible to truncate an activity when I forgot to stop the watch? I have an activity over 40 min of running and the 4 hours of useless activity which would like to cut away. I cant find how to do this in garmin. Is it possible in ConnectstatsApp? Thanks! Markus

    • I think it’s an unintended side effect of an intended change for another request about skipping duplicate. Some other user reported (maybe it was you), but I didn’t get a change to investigate. It also does not help that I don’t have multi sport activities myself, so fixing/debugging a bit in the dark…

  16. With your help I sorted a connection issue in November. Since then, although all the data is transferring, the title of the run isn’t, just the same title Herefordshire running every time. How do I fix this?

  17. Hi tank you so much, I’m using this app for so many years now!! A question, I have deleted an activity (cardio) in GarminConnect after it was updated in ConnectStats, later I deleted this one and replaced it with another activity (indoor biking), the cardio one is still in ConnectStats but the indoor bike can’t be added. Do you have an idea of what I could do to update properly ConnectStats? Many thanks for the huge work over the years! Best, Antoine

  18. I use google to sign into strava but google says i need to visityour site and login there gecause it doesnt trust this app.
    Thanks for anyhelp

    • I had never tried strava with sign-in from google. Just did. Yes it appears google does not authorise log in from a web/app that is not a know browser. This is quite interesting, because the library I use to do the authorisation is an open source library from … google!
      A quick search shows that actually now has a new authorisation library that works via safari, but this will take a bit of time to implement. Sorry about that, but it does not look like it will work until that is implemented.

  19. Been using this app since 2012 and it is great…..I really appreciate your work on it. I wiped my phone today to start over and now searching the app store on my iphone I can’t find the app.

    Tried “connectstats”, “connect stats”, “connectstats for garmin”, “garmin connectstats” and a couple others, but nothing. Am I missing something?



    • Hi,
      You’re right, I temporarily removed the app from the store as I changed server, and found a small bug impacting the first use of the app with the new server, so I didn’t want a new user to first have a poor experience on trying the app… I removed it yesterday and submitted a fixed version to Apple, it typically takes a day to be approved, so hopefully the app will be available again today. I’ll try to post today about the new server switch.

  20. Nice piece of software, thanks!
    Couple of questions:
    • How do you export multiple FIT files to one CSV?
    • When exporting a session to CSV and opening it in excel the timestamp just comes across as a long number, and when I change the cell to time its not recognised.

    • Thanks for the comments. the dates are exported as unix time stamp, which is a fairly common and portable way to represent date. Using a string leads to complication when importing (europe style dd/mm or US style mm/dd?). You can convert the number into excel date using the following formula


      You can find more details here

  21. I uploaded a unit recorded with the Wahoo to Strava (51 KM) but this unit does not sync. All other units of the day do. Is there an option to import manually? Would be annoying if such a big ride is missing in the statistics?

  22. Since a while Garmin offers to shorten tracks by editing them (e.g. if I forgot to stop the watch) However a shortened track appears in Connectstat with its full original length. Probably this is a new feature request

  23. Unfortunately not only Garmin sync is broken ( With version 8.0 of ConnectStats app Strava sync does no longer work on my iPad. Deleteing the app and reconnect to Strava did not help. Sync is always ending with the massage {“message”:”Bad Request”,”errors”:[{“resource”:”Application”,”field”:”client_id”,”code”:”invalid”}]} in oPad Safari browser.

    I could not find a way to inform the devoloper directly. So I try it this way.

  24. With ver 8.0 of ConnectStats app does not show the GARMIN ID and password input box, so I can no longer synchronize.

    Please fix this problem.

  25. Same probleme for me :
    {“message”:”Bad Request”,”errors”:[{“resource”:”Application”,”field”:”client_id”,”code”:”invalid”}]}

  26. Hi why do some cycling activities recorded with edge 1030 show map and some do not? It appears a large chunk of contiguous activities missing maps and full details, with those before and after normal. Thanks

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