MacroDial Documentation

Macro Dial is an application that lets you edit number before you dial or apply macros. Typically you will run the Setup Wizard the first time you start the application to choose your rules. You will then either use the contact tab to select a person to dial or use the recent tab to choose a number from your history.
You will then be redirected to the dial screen which will let you either edit or apply a rule before dialling the number. There are also a few Settings and options to control the behavior of the application. You can find information about how to create new macro here.

 Setup Wizard

The setup wizard helps you for the first use of the application. You may choose either a standard preloaded package or to download from the web. You can run it again later from the settings tab.

  • The standard packages offer rules useful for Hong Kong, Japan or Brazil.
  • Download from the web lets you browse the latest rules available on the web.
  • Download from the web with code lets you access special rules for which someone would have provided you with a code.
  • Start with no macros, lets you start with no rules. Note that it will also delete any existing rules.

The Dial Screen

MacroDial Sample Dial ScreenThe number field shows the current number that will be dialled. You can edit the number at will. If the setting auto learn is on, then after an edit the application will offer you to save the edit as a rule that you can apply again later on other numbers. This is the easiest way to create a new macro.

The call button (or SMS button) will start a call dialing the current number.

You can tap on the information next to the button to see more details on the location or timezone of the current number

You can choose the phone number to use for the current contact with the first table. Note that if you have the setting auto rule set to on, the application automatically applies a rules to the number you select. If you want the raw number just tap the number again.

The second table shows you the rules you can apply. Note that in gray you can see a preview of what the number will be if you apply the macro. The blue arrow lets you edit the corresponding macro.

Settings and Options

MacroDial Sample SettingsThe settings tab lets you edit macros and control the behavior of the application

Setup Wizard lets you rerun the wizard for the first initialization

Edit Macros lets you view, add, delete and edit your macros.

Download from the web lets you see and download the list of the latest rules available on the web, you can also see the current list here.



MacroDial Option Screen
Show SMS Button

  • on: the dial screen will have a button to launch the SMS application for the current number
  • off: information about the destination number like location, local time will be displayed instead of the button

Auto Rules

  • on: when you select a contact or a phone number the application will automatically try to apply the best rule. The selection of the best rule is based on historical usage and current location of the phone. For example, in japan you want to use a rule replacing the country code with the prefix 0, but in hong kong you want to add the IDD 1966 prefix, the application will try to deduce from your historical usage of rules and your gps location the correct rule.
  • off: no rules will be automatically applied.

Sort macros by last rules

  • on: the rules will be sorted based on the historical usage
  • off: the rules will be statically sorted based on the order they were saved

Auto learn new macros

  • on: when you edit a number, the application will try to learn automatically a macro to replicate the edit you did
  • off: no macro will be learned when you edit a number