The Flight Log Stats app is designed to simplify the workflow of synchronizing Garmin 1000 flight logs from the cockpit to various devices. With this app, you can effortlessly transfer your flight data and perform a quick review on your iPad before accessing a computer or network for uploading to different online analysis services. For more information about example use cases, please refer to the dedicated page.

As an open-source project, the Flight Log Stats app encourages collaboration and customization. You can access the source code on GitHub and contribute to its ongoing development, ensuring that the app remains a valuable tool for pilots looking to streamline their flight log management experience.

Intended Usage and Workflow

With the Flight Log Stats app, you can simplify your flight log management experience by following these easy steps:

  1. Connect a USB SD card dongle containing flight logs to your iPad or device.
  2. Launch the Flight Log Stats app, and press the plus button to access the list of flight logs.
  3. Navigate to the SD card from the file selection page. The app will automatically discover and import log files into both the app and your iCloud Drive. Note that the initial import may take some time if your SD card contains many logs. Subsequent imports will only discover and import new log files, eliminating the need to manually select missing files.

Once the files are imported, you can:

  • Review specific flight logs for quick access to timing and fuel usage information while still in the cockpit.
  • Examine flight statistics over time, as the app groups flights and summarizes trips away from your home base.
  • Seamlessly access and synchronize files across your iCloud Drive on multiple devices, such as importing logs from your iPad and exporting them from your macOS computer if you’ve installed the macOS version of the app. Starting the app on another device with synced iCloud Drive will also make the flights available for browsing within the app.
  • Upload files to FlySto.net directly from the app. Please note that while the Flight Log Stats app is independent of FlySto, it provides connectivity to their upload API to simplify your workflow.

By utilizing the Flight Log Stats app, you can enjoy a seamless and efficient flight log management experience tailored to your needs.


As a first version of the Flight Log Stats app, certain limitations currently exist. However, as an open-source project, these limitations can be addressed as more people find the app useful and contribute to its development.

Some known limitations include:

  • The app has only been tested with Garmin logs from the Garmin Perspective Plus device.
  • It currently processes information from only one device/plane.

The app’s open-source nature allows users to submit issues on GitHub if they encounter problems. As a free tool designed to help pilots, we kindly request that users be understanding in their reviews and feedback.

If you discover any issues with the app, please feel free to add an issue on the GitHub page. Your contributions will help improve the Flight Log Stats app and ensure it continues to serve as a valuable resource for pilots seeking efficient flight log management.


Please be aware that the Flight Log Stats app and the information it provides should not be used as the primary source for decision-making related to flight planning. All estimations and data provided by the app should be independently validated to ensure accuracy and safety.

By using the Flight Log Stats app, users acknowledge that they are responsible for confirming the app’s data through other reliable sources before making any critical decisions related to their flights.