Current Status, what works and what doesn’t

So the core issue with the app is now solved. That said the API changes means a few things won’t work anymore.

Garmin asked people to stop using the information that comes from Garmin Connect and their website. It means that the following can’t be accessed by ConnectStats:

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A big steps toward fixing the issue

I pushed earlier this week version 8.0.1 which fixes the issue for Garmin and Strava for most users.

I have received a few messages about people still having an issue and will try to investigate and sort it out.

I want to thank all of you who send me encouraging messages and who seem to really like the app. That helps a lot keep the motivation to maintain it. Also a few people asked if they could pay something to help maintain the app. To be honest, maintaining the app is not a big monetary drain, but the very scare resource is time, I am just too busy between work and life to spend the time the app deserve to be properly maintained. But I will try my best to do do it.

I apologise to all of you who wrote me, who I didn’t manage to reply with a personalised message.

Once I figure out remaining issue I’ll post more here.

Still working on it and issue with Strava

Quick update, I am working on a fix for the API change. The version 8.0 is intended to disable the failing API for Garmin but it seem to have broken Strava for some users.

I am currently unable to reproduce myself the Strava issue, so first thing I suggest is go to settings and tap on Logout and then login again, it should clear some of the connection cache and it may get it working again, else send me a bug report again saying you have tried to logout and back.

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Is this the beginning of the end?

Garmin made a change to their API disabling the method by which ConnectStats was accessing historical activities before the first install of the app.

If you have the app already installed and the history downloaded it should mostly continue to work.

If this is your first install, you currently only will see new activities recorded after the app was installed.

IMPORTANT: make sure if you use Garmin that your source is set to ConnectStats only.

Fixing this require quite a big change in the code, and it will take some time. I am also unfortunately quite busy so people will have to be patient, and I hope I will find the time to do this. It is of course frustrating, because it will take a while to just implement something that will bring it back to its original functionality…

If anyone is a computer/php programmer with a keen interest in helping, please reach out to me. The app is open source, free, no advertisement and its data is kept private to you and not sold or shared anywhere. It would really help me if someone sharing the same hobby was interested in helping me fix it, maintain it and even enhance.

Meanwhile, I hope this does not mean the end of Connectstats, the app has been alive for now 12 years or so, it would sadden me to have to turn it off.

Running Effectiveness and historical statistics improvement

So as the activity, or lack thereof, on this site shows, I have not been very active on the app development front. I could barely remember the password access this web site! good that safari remembers it for me!

I don’t really have any good reason or excuse, I have just been a bit lazy and distracted with other interests to spend my free time on. After 2020, my best ever running year in, 2021 was my worse and 2022 does not start great. ConnectStats development kind of follows my running activities as I tend to work on it as I see new needs to analyse my running. I am hoping that working on the app will have the reverse effect and make me go out and run to try out new features 🙂

So I am releasing a new (and first of 2022) version of ConnectStats (7.2) with mostly two new features, at the request of users.

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Notifications in ConnectStats

ConnectStats got its first release in a while this week. It now supports notifications. This is currently not enabled by default, you’ll need to enable it explicitly in the services configuration page for Garmin.

The notification only works if your source of activity include Garmin and ConnectStats as a source. It is not possible to get notification into connectstats if you use Strava as a service.

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Detailed Comparison of Running and Cycling Statistics over time

Comparison to previous period in percentage change

ConnectStats 6.8 comes with significant rework of the statistics and calendar page. The main new feature is the ability to compare the numbers between weeks, months or years. Let’s dive in.

First, this new feature needs to be activated by switching to the new theme 2021 in config if you haven’t already. Because it’s still has some quirks, this is not yet the default, but it’s likely within one or more release, I’ll make it the main default theme.

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Garmin Service Error

As of last night, February 23rd, the Garmin service changed and now ConnectStats receives Service Logic Error as Garmin is rejecting the current approach ConnectStats uses to access the Garmin web page information.

I am pushing a new version that fixes the issue, hopefully will be approved soon by apple,

As explained here, you can still access your activities by making sure you use the ConnectStats service, which is still working. For that follow instruction in the link and make sure you select for Garmin Source “All” or “ConnectStats”. This should let you access new activities properly.

Please note that if you enable the connectstats service for the first time or if you are a new user of the app, you will not get any activities prior to you registering for the service, as Garmin only sends new activities after you registered. I’ll see how to improve that or write about how to work around it later.

I’ll update further when I have time to properly investigate and see if there can be a workaround.

Sorry for any inconvenience, please check here again later for updates

AppStore Submission Rejection Syndrome

Users reported an occasional Access Denied error with the Strava service and last week ConnectStats release. Thanks to the bug report, it was fairly easy to get to the specific workflow in the strava service that was confusing ConnectStats. The fix was the easy part. Then I went on to the dreaded “submit and get apple approval” part of the release process.

The review process is a bit of a black box random process. You submit the same application over and over and sometimes it’s approved in a day, sometime faster, sometime slower, and sometime you get “Rejected”…

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A New ConnectStats for 2021

Living in London, the year end period ended up in new strict lockdown with very few options but to spend a lot of time at home, and skip the traditional visit to my family in France and Switzerland. Luckily me and my family stayed safe so far.

Biking in empty London around year end

I took the opportunity of being at home to make quite a few changes to ConnectStats both internally and externally…

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