Services for Garmin Data

As of ConnectStats version 5.0, it is possible to use a new service from Garmin to access your data. Here is what you need to know if you want to switch to that new service.

In a nutshell

If you just want to use the new service, you should select the Source in the Garmin section to be All as in the screen shot here.

You then just need to refresh, accept/authorise the connection to ConnectStats and new activities will start getting data from the new service including the weather data from

You will not loose any of your already downloaded activities if you have some.

Difference between services

You can select the source to be either

  • Garmin WebSite. This is the method ConnectStats used until now, by accessing the API from the garmin website directly. This is not officially supported which is why the app had regular outage when the website API had some changes we add to adapt to. When using this option ConnectStats should display the same history and edits that you see on the Garmin website.
  • ConnectStats. This is the new method that uses the new Garmin Health API. We can anticipate this won’t have unexpected outage as it is officially supported by Garmin. It enables better flexibility in how the data is used and for example ConnectStats can now link an activity to the weather from The data received though is only the raw data recorded on a garmin device, so it does not contains information you would have entered on the website, for example the activity name or event type, etc. Also the new service from Garmin only sends new activities recorded after the user registered, so the full history won’t be seen if only “ConnectStats” service is used.
  • All. This is trying to get the best of both world. It will get the detailed data from the new Garmin API via the ConnectStats new server, along with the weather, but will also connect to the website to incorporate the information it would be missing from there (for example the names). This will also ensure the history of activities before the New Garmin API is enabled is downloaded into the app.

Switching Services

It should work properly if you switch back and forth between options. ConnectStats links the activities by their Garmin activity Identifier number so it avoid duplicates.

A note on privacy and security

The code for the app and the code for the server is open source, so people can inspect what I do in the app and verify or inform me if they find any security issue or privacy issue. The implemenation core principle is not to keep any information that can link user back to the data on the server and the data anonymous and private only keep hashed references to link data together.