Current Status, what works and what doesn’t

So the core issue with the app is now solved. That said the API changes means a few things won’t work anymore.

Garmin asked people to stop using the information that comes from Garmin Connect and their website. It means that the following can’t be accessed by ConnectStats:

  • Any name or activity type modification on the Garmin Connect website will not be seen or picked up by ConnectStats
  • Activities that are not coming from a Garmin device directly but linked into your Garmin Connect account, like Zwift, and others will not be available into ConnectStats
  • History of activities will only start to appear after you opened ConnectStats for the first time. If you have been a long time user that’s not an issue, but new users will only see their activities going forward

Some of these can be mitigated if you also use Strava, for history for example, if you have both Strava and ConnectStats enabled, it will try to merge the two.

Going forward it will not be possible for me to fix and get the information from Garmin as they are the one who asked me to turn it off. Some things I could do going forward but it will take some time:

  • Implement the ability to change the name or the activity type in the app.
  • Implement the ability to use a new Garmin API to download some history

This will be dependent on me getting the time to work on it.

Please note that the API was officially turned off by Garmin in 2014, but they tolerated ConnectStats use of their web API until now, so I am grateful. They introduced a new API in 2019, and as I always said if they ask me to turn off the access to the old web API, I would and they did so I did…

I thank everyone for their support and patience.

18 thoughts on “Current Status, what works and what doesn’t

    • I have the same issue, I can’t load the app at all, it would crash as soon as I launch. 🙁 Have been using it last 12 years or so.

      • Expected to have something working at least loading on my iPhone. I can’t still load the app anymore. Probably have this more than 10 years now but still no hope 🙁

  1. Hi Brice – thanks for the explanation. I now understand why my activity names aren’t being imported from Garmin and have switched to Strava which seems to be working perfectly.

  2. Ora va bene l’unica cosa che non mi scrive più l’attivita che scrivo io sulla lista delle attività ma solamente il luogo

  3. Great app and have been using for a number of years. When downloading runs I no longer see maps of the route since 14th November 2023

  4. Hi, Great app. Have been using it for a decade.
    Ski sessions are no longer synced. Other sports are, as far as I know, but ski, nope. Any idea?

  5. Hi,
    After 4 days of Backcountry skiing, ConnectStats is now crashing during start. I downloaded the source code to try to figure out what’s happening, but I found no way to debug, as I don’t have credentials to connect to the Garmin API. Could you document this part, or is this linked to the deprecated api you’re mentioning ?
    Thanks for your great app !

  6. Thanks for trying to debug. I admit this days I have been quite busy with other things and didn’t manage to spend much time on ConnectStats. Yes, you need to have a Garmin API token, I never document it because I don’t think any one would ever try to do that. I have quite a few bug report with ski activities not working, I will try to take a look.

  7. As of yesterday my connect dtats does not start any more. Reboot of the iphone did‘nt help.
    The screen appears for 1/10 sec and then the application is closed.
    Anyone with the same issue?

  8. I finally gave up the debugging part (lack of time !). I didn’t wanted to remove/reinstall the app to avoid loosing activities, so I tried to delete the activities.db from the ConnectStats folder in my phone. The app is starting again (including the ski activities), but activities before December 2018 seems to have disappeared from the stats, that’s not a big deal…

  9. Hi Brice – This is a terrific app and I’ve used it for a number of years, with activities downloaded from Garmin and Strava since the start of 2018. A while back I had an issue (not sure what now) and decided to reinstall the app. As a result I lost, from ConnectStats, all of my activity information from 2018 and most of it from 2019. Nothing I’ve tried so far has rectified the loss of the data from 2018 and 2019. Does this problem match up with anything anyone else has experienced and has anyone yet found any way around it?

  10. I just downloaded this app to see my activities on mij Edge 1030. But the app doesn’t open on my iMac M3 MacOs Sonoma 14.5

  11. Problem solved, I found out that I just had to open a fit-file by double clicking and then the app opens. 👍

  12. Please make it possible to change name or description of activity. For the rest great app that I have used with please for many years!

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