Next version of ConnectStats

I have pushed ConnectStats 1.23 to the App Store.

Connectivity upgrades

ConnectStats 1.23 uses withings latest authorisation service. Hopefully it will be more robust going forward. The login relies on a webpage login and a page where you need to explicitly grant access to ConnectStats.

The workflow around Strava log in has also been improved. There is now a button in the Services page to force and test a login to Strava. Also a silly bug that was sometimes complaining about Garmin when trying to access Strava has been fixed.

ConnectStats 1.23 also fixes an issue with connectivity to SportStracks that had stopped working in the previous versions.

Multi-Sport Activities

Garmin introduced multi-sport activities in the FR920 and Fenix 3 at least. Starting from version 1.23, ConnectStats will detect these activities and download the individual sub-activities. It will display as a stub the main multi-sport activity, but note that only the sub activities will be included in the statistics.

Better weather information

ConnectStats 1.23 has an upgraded weather information displayed. It displays the location where the weather was observed and the distance from the location of the run. On the map it also displays a little wind compass indicated the direction the wind was blowing and the rough strength. The length of the arrow is proportional to the wind strength.

Note that the weather information is only available when using Garmin as a service source.

3 thoughts on “Next version of ConnectStats

  1. Not sure where the best place for questions is, so please direct me if there is a better place. I am new to your app. I really like the way you can display route on map with speed or HR data in colors. Many of your graphs are beyond me, but I do like the basic ones. Is there a way to import apple watch workout data? I use that for HR as well as a Garmin chest strap. It would be nice if there was a way to show both on a graph in different colors to compare accuracy. Would also like a way to edit comments on a ride, but cannot figure out if there is, so I have been editing this on the garmin connect site. Also, if you can make the font bigger onthe comments. I barely can see them on your app, but do note that if I click on them I get a popup I can read. (but can barely see which items have comments). Thanks.

    • I am experimenting with a version that works with the apple watch, and so far I released HealthStats, but didn’t try to mix the two. I’ll see how it looks

      • Thanks for answering. No hurry on the apple watch thing. I decided to return mine. Could not see it well outside, among other issues.
        Any way to edit comments from Garmin page or any way to change size of comment font?
        Any way to save favorite graphs so the settings are saved?
        Would be nice if you could customize a Dashboard page with just the graphs you use regularly and setting you use most.
        Keep up the good work. Thanks.

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