Year to date or Month to date statistics

Version 2.1 of ConnectStats introduces the ability to see year to date or month to date statistics. The yearly cumulative graph was already giving a good idea of how well you were doing this year versus the last, but now you can see the full stats you reached at the same point of last year.

Below for example you can see that in 2015, so far I ran 758km, while on the full year of 2014 I ran 1356km. If you press on the button All, you get to the YTD screen, that shows that in 2014 at the same point in the year as today (August), I had run 913km.

IMG_1664 IMG_1665

In the monthly view, the graph is slightly different, the full month bar is shown, but the blue shows how much for each month was reached at the same point in the month, here around august 15, or about half way through the month.


IMG_1666 IMG_1667

10 thoughts on “Year to date or Month to date statistics

  1. Brice, I’m sure you’ve had this request before. I use both Garmin and Map My Run. Garmin for when I have my Garmin device and MMR when I’ve only got my phone. It would be supremely awesome if your app would pull data from both and display them both at the same time.

    Love the app though!

    • Yes, but currently you have a shorter window available in the summary page. Also instead of simple cumulative it’s weighted by heart rate to account for the effort. You can search for performance on the blog to get detail. Is that close to what you want?

  2. Brice, great app just downloaded it, will take months to understand all the features! Two quick thoughts for future development…firstly units…I run in miles and feel the heat in Celsius, which doesn’t seem possible, which is a shame because I have always wanted an app to automatically record the run temp. Also on temperature, I am mostly in Sydney Australia and the temp is the airport (on the coast) and I am 26 miles NW of the airport which can be significantly hotter/colder…so closer temps would be awesome. Anyway, I look forward to hours of working out the features! Cheers

    • hi, thanks for the suggestions. for the units, I could create a special “Australia” unit, is it common to use miles and celsius down under, or is it just you? For the airport, unfortunately, this is really up to garmin to choose the location for the weather. You may want to contact them. All ConnectStats does is display what Garmin collected.

  3. Would it be possible to chose hours instead of km in summary? When on the trainer I don’t always put in km just hours
    Fantastic app!

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