Garmin API change (again) and Connectstats is not working at the moment

As of tuesday august 30th, Garmin API changed again. ConnectStats fails to connect and download data. I am turning off bug reporting and will remove from sales until I can figure out a solution.

The API returns Access Denied when ConnectStats tries to connect I hope it’s not Garmin deciding they want to shut down ConnectStats. I am unfortunately travelling at the moment and it’s hard to investigate the problem in details. I’ll update as soon as I know more.

Sorry for the problems, but it’s out of my control.

19 thoughts on “Garmin API change (again) and Connectstats is not working at the moment

  1. I don’t have sufficient words to thank you.
    The App is fantastic and you are always so polite and so alert.
    Thanks for being so fantastic.

  2. Thnx for this information. I didnt knew where to find this message. This app is GREAT and i use it every 2 days. Anyways, hopefully you will find a solution soon, good luck.

  3. You have an amazing app. I’ve been using it to store and analyze my runs since 2011. The graphs motivate me to reach my goals. I truly appreciate all the work you’ve put into the app and hope you can find a quick solution.

  4. Hot Dog! I love your app and am a little ashamed at how sad I felt when I could not get it to work. I thought maybe reinstalling it on my phone would fix it. I deleted it and then when I went to download it I could not find it anymore. You totally made my day.

  5. Your app is great. Garmin would be stupid to shut down something that encourages me to use their products even more. I hope you’re able to fix it!

  6. I was wondering what happened. I deleted the app and thought I would try reinstall and noticed not in App Store any longer. 🙁 Hope you get it back working soon. Thanks again!!

  7. I tried to reload it, so deleted it first. Went to the App Store to download it and its not there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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