Garmin Service Error

As of last night, February 23rd, the Garmin service changed and now ConnectStats receives Service Logic Error as Garmin is rejecting the current approach ConnectStats uses to access the Garmin web page information.

I am pushing a new version that fixes the issue, hopefully will be approved soon by apple,

As explained here, you can still access your activities by making sure you use the ConnectStats service, which is still working. For that follow instruction in the link and make sure you select for Garmin Source “All” or “ConnectStats”. This should let you access new activities properly.

Please note that if you enable the connectstats service for the first time or if you are a new user of the app, you will not get any activities prior to you registering for the service, as Garmin only sends new activities after you registered. I’ll see how to improve that or write about how to work around it later.

I’ll update further when I have time to properly investigate and see if there can be a workaround.

Sorry for any inconvenience, please check here again later for updates

14 thoughts on “Garmin Service Error

  1. Thanks for this great app. Using it for years now… I really like the clean and straight forward UI with flexible graphs and data. This works really well.

    Could you add a section for tracking goals? Like i.e. weekly/monthly distances or altitudes etc.? Would that fit the concept?
    Thanks again!

  2. My iPad Air can’t take IOS 13, and now I get error when trying to use CannectStats. Is it possible for you to make the new ConnectStats running also on IOS 12? I’m missing the nice features in this app…

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