New Service not working well

A few days after releasing my new version that uses the new Garmin Health API and my own server, it’s not really a success story… My server is overwhelmed by the synchronisation and backfill requests…

I had initially planned to turn on the new service only for new users to avoid stressing the server too much, but still it does. So I have issued a new version that only doesn’t enable the new service by default.

For those who have issues with the service, just switch the Source in the settings for Garmin to be Garmin Website

I am going to do two things, try to optimise the way the server processes backfill, and add a way for ConnectStats to download the history from the website, and only process new activities from the new service. I hope it’s just that I did something silly in my implementation (very likely) and not that I will need to upgrade to a bigger infrastructure…

I feel bad for the new users of the app this weekend as this is not a great first experience of the app, but hopefully, soon it will be in a better place..

5 thoughts on “New Service not working well

  1. Hi. Don`t feel bad. We know you are doing this on your own.
    I`m using Garmin computers (Edge exploro, Egde25 or even xt910). My heart rate data is not visible in your app. Something you can look into?
    Best regards

  2. I used the „Stryd zones“ app for the first time and noticed that though power is in garmin connect and in Stryd powercentre, it is missing from ConnectStats. Very strange. And I actually like the power-duration curves in ConnectStats most!

    • Yes, it definitely should be there. Can you send me a bug report with an example activities. I use Stryd myself so definitely works. Also I am working on a new analysis from the power curve which is evolution of best of points over time, which I think maybe interesting…

      • Ok, I have one run only with the stryd zones (oktober 24). The “old service” shows the run but not the power data. The “new service” shows the run with the power data. I’ll try another run tonight. Great to see Stryd updates!

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