ConnectStats Privacy Policy

Main Principles

  • I won’t share or sell any personal information or fitness data used by connectstats with anyone except to comply with the law.
  • In general ConnectStats keeps all the fitness data it accesses from remote or local services stored on your device.
  • My intention is to do the right thing. If you find anything you suspect is inappropriate in the way your data is used by connectstats or one of the services it accesses, or if you want any clarification, let me know via a bug report or on GitHub and I’ll try to address it.
  • You can read a post with some details about the implementation

ConnectStats Service

  • As of ConnectStats version 5, you have the option to access your Garmin activities via the new Garmin Health API.
  • The activities are saved on a service specific to ConnectStats that is open source for transparency.
  • No personal information is saved on the service, the activities are linked via hashes provided by the Garmin service.
  • The intention is to keep the activities private and secure without mechanism to link it back to a specific user. If you find any issues let me know either via a bug report or via GitHub

External Services used

  • ConnectStats uses Flurry Analytics to collect basics usage data of the app and crash reports. The advertisement feature of Flurry is not enabled and not used. I use flurry to collect usage information like how many users use the app, which features are used, how often, etc. No personal information is collected and everything is aggregated.
  • ConnectStats can download data from the Health app via Apple Health Kit, if you enable the service. In this case the data you access will remain on the device.
  • ConnectStats can download data from Withings, in this case the data you access will remain on the device.
  • At no point any login information or password will be shared or made available to me, it will stay on the device, and only used in communication with the corresponding remote service.
  • The web hosting service used for the server, the help, documentations and bug report is Digital Ocean.

Bug Reports

  • If you send a bug report, you have the option to enter an email address. This email will be uploaded to a server hosting this website. I will use the email to contact you back. The email will never be shared with anyone. The server I used is provided by godaddy.
  • The bugreport does not contains any personal information, only information like errors, service messages, number of activities downloaded, etc are captured. If any personal information is unexpectedly included in an error message, I will not share it or use it except in communication with you in case it’s relevant to the bug reported.
  • You have the option to send activity data with the bug report (enabled by default but you can disable). This is will include in the bug report data to reproduce the current activity detail screen and summary data to recreate the stats screen. I will potentially use this information to help debug your problem, but at not point this will be shared with anyone else than me for the purpose of debugging.
  • The bug report will contain information to enable me to link your data to the data saved on the ConnectStats server for debugging but never to your username or password on the garmin or Strava servers.
  • I work on this app alone, so not other person will have access to the bug reports.

Use of the services

  • I registered myself as a developer with apple, strava, withings and garmin, so they are aware of what I am doing and have ability to contact me to let me know if they find out I am doing anything wrong, in which case I’ll do my best to remediate as soon as possible.

6 thoughts on “ConnectStats Privacy Policy

  1. Can you download data directly from a Garmin edge device e.g. By Bluetooth and save it in the app and then upload it later to connect.garmin when one has internet connection?
    Thnx & cheers

  2. Hi Brice

    another question: could you provide a code that would allow to publish given data (from date 1 to date 2; Activity 1; activity 2; etc) that would then be displayed into a wordpress page?
    Background: I would like to cycle a long way and show all the path that I record with a Garmin gps. Just loading up the data (garmin – mobile fon) to account, and an embedded site on my wordpress page that would log in automatically and display the data. Ideally with path, but as well with altitude chart and cumulative distance (total in time frame = x km, last month= y km) and cumulative climbing/positive meter (in total of the time frame = x meter, last month= y meter)

    That guy here had to do it manually at a computer:

    Thanks for your appreciated feedback.


  3. Hi , I am unable to download any new activity dating back to 31 May. I have been active since August, my stats are uploaded to Garmin Connect, yet they cannot be synced to Connectstats. Please help.

  4. Hi,
    I like your app. Now I‘m asking for an extra which I couldn‘t find yet in the App Store. I’m keeping track of any of my activities by adding them in my iOS calendar. So I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be nice for your app users like me to have an export function available to export the tracked excerzise to the iOS Calendar? I could become an extra “connect stat” calendar for filtering and with start and end time and type of activity like “swimming from 2:51 pm till 3:15 at xyz Stadion”

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