Another subtle change in the Garmin API

UPDATE: thanks to a tip from @GViewerPro I have now a fix which will be a next release. Thanks a lot.

Since the login change, another less obvious change to the data service of garmin has resulted in a few issues with ConnectStats.

The track data contains now significantly less points. It used to provide points as often as recorded, but now the track data service returns a lot less points.

Here is an example of an activity downloaded before and after the service change. Notice the scatter point contains a lot less points.



This has a few consequences in the app:


The app smoothing logic is not working as well anymore. We now have a point every 10 to 20 seconds, so it’s harder to figure out how to smooth. Intervals for example may not be plotted properly if they are less than a minute. If that happens turn off the smoothing, by selecting the graph full screen and pressing the Slider Icon to show the smoothing options.


Auto Lap

The logic in auto lap was trying to account for times where the device was on pause. This logic gets mixed up with the new sparse points. A fix and a better logic is on the way for next update.

What I will do about it

I have somewhat tweaked the logic in the smoothing and auto lap feature and this will be incorporated in the new release 1.18. I am also investigating to use the tcx file available. This file seems to still contains all the data point. ConnectStats used to get its data from that file, but it was changed to a different api that contains more information, like the running dynamics of the new ForeRunner 620. I will probably see if I can do a merge of the files, use the tcx file for main data and the sparse data for running dynamics and other fields.

3 thoughts on “Another subtle change in the Garmin API

  1. It just never stands still! Well done with your detail and effort. Sounds like the ideal solution will be tricky but worth it if denser data can be analysed. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for your efforts in keeping the app up to date and functional despite all the changes. Great app.

    Am i right in saying this will make the rolling best average plot rather unreliable at durations under say 1 minute or so (6 data points per minute) and voids the feature for very short intervals.

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