A few app updates

I have a few upgrades of the app about to be released (pending Apple approval). I have pushed minor updates of ConnectStats, a new version of FitFileExplorer

Few bugs out of the way

The version 5.2.2 will contain a few bugs fixes that people have been reported recently.

First it should synchronise better the changes that occurs on the Garmin Connect Website, specifically the names of the activities.

Second, I had some logic that resulted in the metabolic efficiency not be calculated for laps, but as a user pointed out, it’s can be an interesting to look at the changes of the quantity over each laps through the activity. I had added this a long time ago, it represent in percent the amount of energy captured by a power meter divided by the amount of energy spend by the body in from the calorie calculation which is typically a function of the heart rate. How much of the energy the body generates is actually used to move on the pedal (bike power) or to generate the run motion (run power).

I have also started fixing a few issues in how units are handled to avoid erroneous display of pace in speed unit and other weirdness.


I have also pushed a new version of FitFileExplorer, the open source macos application I publish on the App Store to open and look at Fit Files on your Mac. It is mostly a convenience tool but extremely useful for debugging or looking a what is the raw information on a fit file. A nice little sister application of ConnectStats for the Mac, useful for its development.

Beside a bunch of internals option improvement, but also the ability to download files directly from the Garmin website from the app (using the logic of ConnectStats to access data). Just another convenience.

Here is a gallery of the type of way you can explore fit files

5 thoughts on “A few app updates

    • Ah. Silly. Yes it relates to the run, I had hard coded the efficiency to report “Bike” but of course that’s wrong for a run… I’ll fix the display, but it’s definitely linked to the run. It’s the energy from the stryd reported power divided by the energy from the calories estimation.

  1. Looks like the fitfileexplorer update to 2.0 and beyond broke highSierra support? Cannot install an update…

    • I apologise for that. I do not have capability to test on older version than Catalina. I am pushing an update to indicate to the App Store that it is only for Catalina.

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