ConnectStats Winter Sports Edition

I spent over a week in the Swiss alps, so it was clearly the time to update ConnectStats with better support for winter sports…

Garmin had made some changes to their API for winter sports, and reorganised a bit the types of activities available. I have a Fenix 6 and it has a nice new activity for backcountry skiing with climbing mode (at least I wasn’t aware before). So I updated ConnectStats to properly recognise it and added a new icon for it. I also made sure it display the elevation gain in the summary as this is more relevant for these type of activities.

I have also started to add new graphs for the slope gradient, started working on best rolling elevation gain, but this will be for a next release. For now, I wanted a first version out that properly recognise the activity type.

I also include a few bugs fixes for some error messages from Strava as well as a long standing crash bug which I somehow only recently understood thanks to a details bug report from a user (thank you!)

This is pending approval from Apple and should be released under version 5.3 soon

One thought on “ConnectStats Winter Sports Edition

  1. Hi, I have the version 4.5 and I can’t access to Garmin or Strava. I can’t update it because my IOS is not supported for you for last versions.

    How can you help. I feel that lost my money


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