Activities not updating, how to fix…

Today, Friday march 23rd, 2018, the garmin api ConnectStats uses by default is not returning any new activities. It can be fixed by switching to the alternative api supported by the app.


This happened already in the past, but it was temporary then. Garmin API Change: Good News Bad News,

Assuming this is a permanent change, I’ll try to release shortly a new version that will by default use the new API. Meanwhile people need to switch manually if they see the issue.

6 thoughts on “Activities not updating, how to fix…

  1. Have switched to API and activities now been recorded but in km, needs to be in miles?

    What is next step ?

    Thank you


    • In config, you can switch the unit setting from “default” (whichever unit the Garmin api sends) to “imperial”

  2. THANKS SO MUCH for the temporary fix-when you have an update available will we need to go back in and turn off alternative api?

    • No you won’t have to. right now the old api is not working anymore, so we’ll have to stay on the alternative (actually new) API… I’ll write a post about the differences.

  3. API (which is enabled by default when I set it up) is enabled but still no download after 22nd March!?

    Have deleted profiles, recreated, removed app and reloaded but nothing makes any difference

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