Activity Deleted Bug


[UPDATE] This is now fixed with version 3.0.2

Since Yesterday a change in the Garmin API resulted in ConnectStats reporting some activities were deleted from Garmin Connect when trying to download the details.


This happens because the part of the API that ConnectStats use to get the weather is now reporting the same error as when an activity is deleted and that confuses ConnectStats.

I will push a bug fix to the store that will stop downloading the weather for now until I can figure a new API to retrieve it.

Version 3.0.2 was pushed to Apple for approval today, unfortunately pushing a bug fix requires a few days, sometimes up to a week for Apple to approve it. Sorry for the inconvenience caused and thanks for your patience

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    • Yes. The new version is still pending review and approval from Apple. It’s as frustrating for you as it is for me… It was a 10 minutes fix, but so far 5 days of waiting for apple to review and approve the fix. Unfortunately there is no way around waiting…

  1. Why does Version 3.0.2 suddenly requires iOS 9.0 or newer if there have been made so little change? I’m still using iOS 8.4.1 with which I’m quite happy and I was not planning to upgrade to not slow down even more my iPad mini 1 …..
    ConnectStats always belonged to my favorite apps but with the Activity Deleted Bug in Version 3.0.1 it will become useless for me :/

    • Connectstats hasn’t been supporting iOS 8 for a while. It’s unfortunately impractical for me to support multiple iOS version. I am alone with very limited time so I wouldn’t be able to test it properly.

      • oh I didn’t notice that as until now everything was running properly on my iPad… Just when the Activity Deleted Bug surged I took a closer look at your blog and searched for the update in the App Store…. That’s when I found out that ConnectStats no longer supports iOS 8. I now took a look inside the app and saw that I’ve still running Version 2.2! Seems as like I’ve missed quite some updates… The App Store App doesn’t inform you about available updates if your running iOS version is not supported anymore…. (sounds logical but I have just become aware of that by now…)

        Until recently I just used ConnectStats to view activities which I uploaded to garmin connect over my computer. But now I finally found a solution to access the file system of my Garmin Edge 500 from the iPad. I use a little Wifi usb port and the app FileBrowser to access via SMB protocol. When I select an acitivity (fit format) it will offer me the option to open in ConnectStats. CS will still open but always crashes after a second and won’t import the activity. If you tell me that ConnectStats by now also offers fit-import and upload them to garmin connect, I might consider an upgrade to iOS 9 to continue using your app with enhanced functions.

        I’m also looking for an option to export activities as a gpx-file to other apps. I use my garmin edge 500 not just for activities but also for geo tracking and street mapping. Unfortunatley the the device can just record as fit which isn’t supported by many apps. A gpx export function would come in here quite handy. I use “Pocket Earth” for its great offline vector osm maps and “Go Map!!” for iOS street mapping. Both just support imports as gpx. I tried the share by email function in ConnectStats with the option “include CSV file”. It even works to import the csv file from the mail app to Pocket Earth, but it will import as a lot of ugly dots instead of a nicely connected track-line (matter of the format). It would be really awesome if you could integrate a “share as gpx” function in the near future.

        As a work-around I’m still using the iCabMobile browser with its built-in download/upload manager to get fit activities to garmin connect and convert them to gpx files using gpsies.
        It would be a big improvement if I could do both things from inside your awesome garmin connect client. ConnectStats is already the best app for garmin connect on iOS which I know but these two little function (fit import-upload / gpx – export) would make it almost perfect. Thank you for the great app and the support!

        Greetings, Jakob

        • Hi, I am going to look at the fit import crashing. this should work.
          I have no plan at the moment to provide export to garmin, sorry.

    • Hi there. sorry, I do not have the resources to maintain a version working for iOS8, it would require quite a bit of testing to be stable. I typically only support the current version of iOS

  2. Every time I try to update my profile; weight age height etc. App locks up and you have power down completely to reset it or even get back into the app

    • This is unusual. Sorry I didn’t see this comment earlier, currently because of garmin api change I disabled the bug report, but once the new version 3.1 is out, can you send me a bug report from the app, maybe I can see what is happening then

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