ConnectStats 4.6 released

ConnectStats is now approved and available in the store for update. With version 4.6, the connectivity with Garmin should work again.

On a separate note, I have applied to the new Garmin API and just got approved, so I’ll be working on getting that available for a later version, and hopefully, this should prevent similar unexpected outage in the future.

12 thoughts on “ConnectStats 4.6 released

  1. Btw, holding my 6S horisontally for a widescreen view of the graphs I am unable to select points at the right side of the screen, approx the added part of the screen compared to a vertical view.

  2. Great app but I have had a problem with the stats page since the turn of the year.

    The issue is with the summary feature of the app on my iPhone 8. When I look at the Stats page by year, none of my activities shows up on the chart and only ever the last activity shows up on the summary year by year, row by row comparison. All my activities have been uploaded but there seems to be an issue with that particular feature. The issue does not arise on my iPad.

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