ConnectStats is now open source

I lately have not been very active in ConnectStats development. I have been quite busy, which didn’t help, but also I do not have a lot of new ideas, beside a few little features requests people sent me.

So I have decided to open source the code for ConnectStats (and my other apps). Maybe some people will want to help, or the code could help others who’d want to build similar apps. Hopefully more people will help think of new ideas or make the app better.

I definitely plan to continue maintaining the app. I released a new version (4.0) which will not have many new features but will be in sync with the refactoring and little cleanup I made before pushing the code to GitHub.

You can find the code here

The repository also contains the code for HealthStats, which I need to fix to work with the latest version of iOS, FitFileExplorer, an utility for macOS to open files, as well as TennisStats, an experiment to record and analyse tennis matches.

I also open sourced a few more of my apps:

My other iOS app MacroDial can also be found here

And finally Simulator Data Finder, an utility to access iOS simulator files conveniently on macOS, is also available here


One thought on “ConnectStats is now open source

  1. Dear Sir / Madam,

    We are looking for an app for their 40 employees. The app is required to support the following habit:

    -User dials 51881227 / 85251881227 / +85251881227 , then the app dials *100*51881227# or *100*85251881227#

    Knowing that App Store cannot allow * & # prefix, we could distribute it as in house app through MDM (MobileIron). And volume purchase option is preferred , but not must.

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