Daily exercise in lockdown

We are living through strange times. I live in London and we are currently in lockdown/stay at home order for a few weeks now. I am quite lucky that my family and myself didn’t get infected by the virus and are still healthy. We are following the rules and staying home except for the daily exercise. Luckily in London, unlike in France where some of my family lives, we are allowed to bike and run without a constraints to stay too close to home (one kilometre in france), as long as we leave and come back from our home it’s ok.

As the weather has been gorgeous since the beginning of the lockdown, this enabled me to log quite a few nice runs and ride.

Initially I started to go out very early so I could avoid seeing too many people and so that the social distancing was easy.

Initially I staying within my old haunts by the river, which allows me to escape traffic and people.

But then it would be a good idea to go further and heads toward the more crowded park I usually avoid like Hyde park. I have the streets and the park to myself…

I have to say it was a quite interesting experience to run around the centre of London pretty much alone.

I then decided to see how the situation was during the day and go in the afternoon. To my surprise it remained quite empty and I could continue to have nice unusual daily exercise experiences

I could also have a quick peek inside and empty Victoria station

I hope you all stay safe and manage to enjoy a few nice run or ride in the middle of all this.

Stay safe

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