Units and Translations

ConnectStats tries to maintain for each field in an activities from Garmin or Strava a list of translations and units for the metric or imperial system. I am mostly my-self using the app in English and metric but I had updated the list in different languages from some sources I had found online and the Garmin website a few years ago.

But it is now a bit dated and there are quite a few attributes for which I do not have the translations. Some users volunteered to update the translations in their native language. In addition recently I received quite a few bugs report about units being incorrect for example for elevation or weights.

Similar to a lot of other features in ConnectStats, the way it handled how a field is displayed in a language or the unit to use had become unnecessarily complicated due to a lot of legacy issues.

So I did a bit of clean up of the code maintaining these so it is now easier to extend and it should be easier for people to contribute corrections or new translations. This is included in the version 5.6 I am pushing out today.

Reviewing or Changing display or unit information

As ConnectStats is open source I organised the data into a folder where I saved the information ConnectStats uses into several format: an excel file, a json file and a sqlite3 data (which ConnectStats uses internally). There is also a little tool to make it easy to convert from one format to the other, so if anyone modifies any of these files, I can easily import it into the ConnectStats.

In practice, I expect it will be easier for most to edit the excel file, and if someone wants to access it, you can go on the following page download the file, edit it and send it back to me or if one is so inclined use git to clone the repo, make the change and send me a pull request.

The excel file should be pretty self explanatory, the sheet gc_fields_display contains each of the translations. The column field is the internal key for ConnectStats and should not be modified.

Data Sharing

The app is open source, so this may also be useful for others developers who want to access translations in an app or website for sport activities, feel free to use. All I ask is if you add or update some translations or units please share them back with me.

There is also an internal mapping between the Garmin field names, the Strava field names and the ConnectStats keys. This map is currently in the code, but I may move it into the same files and be more data driven, it could also be useful to others to have these maps available with both units and translations…

Stay safe and happy training

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