Garmin API changed again

UPDATE: good news, it seems to be an slight API change, but not an attempts to stop 3rd party. So I could get it working again. Will push an update to the store as soon as possible.

It appears Garmin disabled access from ConnectStats again. As before I’ll remove the app from sales and turn off bug reporting until I can figure out the reason. I am sorry but at the moment I have very little time I can put into the app, so it may take a bit of time to get to the bottom of the issue. Also it is quite worrying that Garmin disabled it so soon, while it could be a coincidence and still a side effect of an API change, it’s also possible they just want to stop 3rd party app.

I will update when I can, sorry for the inconvenience.

38 thoughts on “Garmin API changed again

  1. Hi,
    Could this be related to the change of username on Garmin Connect? I could no more use with my username when login to the Garmin Connect website (works fine with Garmin connect iOS App), I have to use my email address instead and now it works fine when the username is an email address.

  2. I’ve just been onto the Garmin website and they have changed there password authentication so I had to change it to something more secure. I’ve changed it on here but still get the same error. Hope this helps.

    • Same thing for me.
      Plus when I changed the username I also got the inconsistent username message. It actually said “Error updating” “Garmin: Invalid name or password Inconsistent username before= now=”.
      I also went and fired up an old fitness app before I found yours. It renders the actual garmin login page to login and was able to download the files using the old username.

  3. Have you thought about teaming up with Smashrun? They don’t have an app and you don’t have an API, seems like it could be a good match!

  4. No luck just now trying to download date…….. Still another few days I guess. It was working fine the other day. That is really too bad

  5. I’m also missing this app. Thanks for giving us updates and working the issues when you can. I’ll stand by and hope that the fix isn’t too difficult. All my best to you.

  6. I am an experienced user of your application for many years . I am sad to not be able to download and view my workouts for 1 week. Your statistical presentations are so well done that I quickly lost without your application. Bravo and thank you in advance for your analysis and your work to deliver us a fix very soon I hope. Best regards, Patrick

  7. Brice: with the updates I just loaded from the Apple App Store, ConnectStats is now up and running again! Cannot thank you enough for all of your work on this. I am a long time user of the app and a triathlete since 1983 and have found your app to be an important part of my training to track stats (as I move further into my 60s I no longer call it “tracking progress”, but “delaying decline”). Thanks for all your efforts to keep this rolling! Rick

  8. Hello,
    Thank you for the app is up and running affinitet. But in the new realise I really miss the heart rate zone in tables and graphs. Will it come back?

  9. I hate Garmin. They want a new secure password for something I don’t regard as needing one. I’m happy for anyone to see my workouts. There’s nothing critical there. They’re very boring in fact. I imagine that if someone knows where I live and knows at at what time I usually workout they’d be able to plan a breakin at that time. Rather unlikely.

    I’ve just updated the password on Garmin Connect, and I still can’t set the better display of data on Connect.

    • I have got no where. Thinking about uninstalling connect app and starting all over again. It is such a neat app and I use it a lot. Bah humbug!!

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