Yet another change of the API

I guess garmin is making a lot of changes to their API recently. The API I used for the laps is changed. I need to work on a new fix… I have pushed a temporary fix on the store.

While in previous week, some of the changes were subtle modification of the API. Here, ConnectStats is using some older Garmin API to get the laps, which now returns a message saying that this access point is disabled. For now I removed the laps download, because that’s easy and quick, but I need to also work on using a newer API for laps. I am also going to review all the old access point ConnectStats would be using and replace them with a newer one. This will be a subsequent release, and then the laps will come back. I am worried some of these older API point may also get disabled soon.


11 thoughts on “Yet another change of the API

  1. Thanks for the work on this. It’s honestly the only product that makes going over training and races fun. Personally I wouldn’t hesitate (If I were you) to put up a new version with all of these fixes in it for a couple of bucks. I know me and my friends would re-buy it.

  2. I do believe they have no interest in disturbing your service, they are improving it. Everything that contribute to promote the Garmin products is good for them, and ConnectStats is just a data platform you don’t find on any other product even in Garmin Connect so it is good for Garmin.
    Thank you for your very good app, you do a great job !

  3. What a mess, garmin wants to annoy you/us. Thank you for your efforts and always reacting so fast on their changes.

  4. Great product. Better than garmins own! I like the garmin product, but if they want to lose market share to competing products they are going about it the right way!

  5. Thanks for letting us know. Do you have pushed an update to the store? I can’t find ConnectStats anymore on the App Store.

  6. Sorry I have a problem with MACRO DIAL. My friend wants use this on iphone7, but doesnt work the call from phone book.Can somebody help me?
    Thank you

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