Missing activities bug

A new embarrassing bugs slipped through the release of the new api connectivity… As some users reported, if you try to download from a fresh install, you will miss older activities.

I am quite upset I missed this bug. My testing of the new API was on a test account with a limited number of activities and did not exhibit the issue…

Anyway, I have a fix, and will release soon now.

You can Follow progress here

3 thoughts on “Missing activities bug

  1. Not a new issue but it has always been impossible to select “strength” type activities in the “stats” screen, the upper left hand corner cycles through running, cycling and all. Sometimes it starts with “strength” but once you select another type it does not come back. Freek

    • the way to get the strength filter is to enter strength in the search field in the activity list. Then in the stats you can cycle into that subset.
      I could add a way to customise the types that cycle by default. Will put on the feature request list

  2. Seems that there are still issues with the downloading of old activism a fresh install. Have tried the force download feature, but it does not seem to work. Please look into it. Thanks.

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