Power Hiking with @strydrunning now in @ConnectStats

Stryd added power support for hiking. And given I wanted to do a few hikes during my trip in Japan, it was the perfect opportunity to make sure it get processed properly in ConnectStats.

Of course in doing this and after some feedback from other user, I realised there were some other data not displayed in the hiking activities, as well as information missing from the new garmin API that I could add.

So I will push a new version 4.3.1 that will addresses some of these issues.

Here now power displayed in the hiking activities. Along with all the other view you get on running activities.

Just for the fun of it, I compared the best rolling plot of a hiking easy climb to a flat run. Clearly the power is lower, especially on average factoring the descent, but the burst on the climb almost compares to the run…

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