Quick update

Many spurious activities continue to be sent by the Garmin Service that connectstats currently uses.

I will likely be able to push a fix for this during the weekend. The good news I anticipate the app will be able to delete all the spurious activities that are sent from the Garmin API.

Garmin is also now providing a new service, which I am working on integrating and will avoid all the Garmin API issues in the future, but this takes time.

12 thoughts on “Quick update

    • in the latest version you can ignore an activity (draw to the right the cell in the activity list). The app can’t delete the activities as it’s just showing what is on another service (Strava or Garmin)

  1. Hey, possibly found a bug where Garmin Multisports activities aren‘t counted in the overall stats. I my triathlon isn’t showing in the stats graph even though it’s bee downloaded and visible in the activities section.

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