Update on development and new API issues

There is shutterstock_120037903currently quite a few issues with ConnectStats following some changes in the Garmin API. I am working on it but it is quite more involved than I initially thought.

As of last release, the laps are not downloaded anymore, swimming activities do not download properly, nor do the multi sport activities. This is all due to an API access that disappeared from Garmin last week. I released an emergency fix that let people going for the main types of activities (running and biking) but I am aware there are still lot more issues. To fix the rest, I need to upgrade to a newer access point that is significantly different from the old one. I am also trying to future proof the app by removing use of all older API similar to the one that disappeared that ConnectStats is still using. I want in addition to improve the ability to seamlessly switch to Strava should Garmin decide to shut down everything for ConnectStats.

Also because the changes required currently are quite fundamental (completely new APIs), it requires quite a bit of testing and even then the testing is limited by the fact I only have limited set of activities to test (mine plus a few people sent me over the years). So it is possible that after the next release some issues will appear when others try it, but I will do my best to fix as soon as possible.

As I have explained in the past, I work on ConnectStats on the side of a demanding day job and a family, so development can be quite slow, given I can only work on it a few hours a week at best.

I am sorry about this. The most frustrating aspect for me is that I spent the precious few hours I have for development of ConnectStats on pure maintenance and not on new features. It has limited benefit for the users beside keeping the app running…

Currently I estimate it will take another week or two to complete the upgrade.

21 thoughts on “Update on development and new API issues

  1. No problem I fully understand. You have a great app I use it almost everyday. If you are looking for some data or beta test I am more than willing to help.


  2. Thank you for the update explaining the issue. However long it takes you, it will be worth the wait. Best app ever for managing my data.

  3. I appreciate all your work fixing your wonderful app. Even a tad broken, your app is better than the official Garmin app.

  4. Brice,
    Thanks for your great app. Sorry Garmin is giving you such headaches. But, some good news: Today for the first time in a while, I did not get any error messages when updating the app. I had been getting a pop up that my Garmin login had changed, though it looked good to me. Today no pop up. Thanks again. Bill Crawford

  5. Brice,

    This may not be of interest to you but I am an iOS developer and have written a small, personal use app that talks to GC. I have been struggling with the updates to authenticating with GC as it appears you and many others have as well. Any insight you could provide to solve the latest changes would be greatly appreciated. In return, I’d be more than happy to help with updates/insight into API changes, as I have a bit more free time to spend on this.

    If you liked to chat more, please feel free to email me at nnorris at me dot com.


  6. Still use the app, in spite of the temporary lack of lap time data – but also I believe that the “time in heartrate zone” graph is no longer available? You had this before (and GC had an incorrect one) now GC has it but connectstats does not?

    • Hi, yes. I still need to fix that. I fixed most of the other issues with the API issues, will see if I can sort out time in zone quickly or will push an intermediary version with the other fix first

  7. Great app, looking forward to the update. It’s the best app I have and have missed it during the issues lately – but like others have said, it’s worth the wait!

  8. I also deleted and have finally been able to reinstall but it jams straight away with inconsistent username and doesn’t show any data prior to 1st Aug – I love this app and all the info it provides

    • Ah, I saw your bug report, I think you should try to enter with the lowercase username, Garmin can be a bit picky with the case in the username I think

  9. Everything works! Thanks a lot.
    What would be really interesting if it were possible to make a pace vs distance scatterplot (like you have), but with the warming-up and cool-down stripped from the runs. Thus a truepicture of the intensity of the runs. No idea if this is possible – but would be interesting!


    • Well, you can see what the scatter plot for a given lap looks like: go to the lap view, and you can tap until you get the desired graph, then move around laps. I could then create an automatic lap that exclude the warm up/cool down, though I need to think the right way to automatically exclude that.

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