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So today this website is hosted by a new service. The intention was that it would be transparent, but it took a bit of time to remap the domain name to the new host and it resulted in quite few temporary outage.

After many years as a loyal customer to yahoo for the hosting of this website, I switched away because the iOS 9 release is coming and Apple introduced a change to improve the security of interaction between apps and website. It will now require a site with a secure connection (https). Yahoo unfortunately didn’t support https in a way that enabled me to support some of the new features of iOS 9 I intend to leverage.

It is possible to continue to interact with an insecure website from an app by registering an exception, but two main reason led me to make the change:

  1. It’s just the right thing to do. There are a few informations sent from the app to the website when you send a bug report or use google earth, and it’s just better to secure it going forward.
  2. It will allow some interesting interaction between the web and the iOS9 version of the app, where by I could write an explanation of a screen and link it directly to opening the app on your device with the matching report or graph. Given some of the graphs and analysis are a bit involved and I didn’t figure out a nice way to integrate a help on a small screen like the phone, I am hoping this will be quite helpful for people to have more fun with the app.

Note that the secure uploads and the new features I mentioned above will not likely be included in the first version for iOS9, but hopefully shortly after.


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      • In Troubleshoot for Strava under crashes there is a link “you can send me information”
        This Link is not working! I want to tell you that I can not synchronize with Strava.
        The refresh button don’t stop working. No data will be transmitted, but I am logged in succsessfull. Thanks

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