Is this the beginning of the end?

Garmin made a change to their API disabling the method by which ConnectStats was accessing historical activities before the first install of the app.

If you have the app already installed and the history downloaded it should mostly continue to work.

If this is your first install, you currently only will see new activities recorded after the app was installed.

IMPORTANT: make sure if you use Garmin that your source is set to ConnectStats only.

Fixing this require quite a big change in the code, and it will take some time. I am also unfortunately quite busy so people will have to be patient, and I hope I will find the time to do this. It is of course frustrating, because it will take a while to just implement something that will bring it back to its original functionality…

If anyone is a computer/php programmer with a keen interest in helping, please reach out to me. The app is open source, free, no advertisement and its data is kept private to you and not sold or shared anywhere. It would really help me if someone sharing the same hobby was interested in helping me fix it, maintain it and even enhance.

Meanwhile, I hope this does not mean the end of Connectstats, the app has been alive for now 12 years or so, it would sadden me to have to turn it off.

9 thoughts on “Is this the beginning of the end?

  1. Thank you for a great app! I’ve been with you since very early on. I’ve now quit using Garmin services entirely in favor of Strava. I enjoy the functionality your app for watching my progress over time. Thank you!

  2. Hi Brice,

    You wrote that you are looking for some developer help. I’m not an php expert, most time I work with flutter and Oracle DBs. I would like to get in contact with you because I have a few developer questions. Unfortunately I can not find an email address of you.

    You can see my address in this post and I’m looking forward to get an email from you.


  3. Hi
    Just wanted ti let to let you know that latest update for ios is messed up.
    Its not possible to enter Credentials for Garmin.
    Its seems to be working on Ipad.
    Thank you for all your hard work on this fantastic app

  4. I’m very sorry to hear your trouble Bruce. You app is one of my favorites. I hope you sort out the issues. I have not programming experience so I can only hold thumbs.

  5. I am using your app for years and wouldbe happy to give you my support. I am open for testing the Garmin API using Postman and giving feedback on the App. (I am not a php programmer cannot support this)

  6. Malgré la dernière version, les activités ne se charge pas !
    Les écrans tourne en rond pour accepter les activités et agréer

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