Running Effectiveness and historical statistics improvement

So as the activity, or lack thereof, on this site shows, I have not been very active on the app development front. I could barely remember the password access this web site! good that safari remembers it for me!

I don’t really have any good reason or excuse, I have just been a bit lazy and distracted with other interests to spend my free time on. After 2020, my best ever running year in, 2021 was my worse and 2022 does not start great. ConnectStats development kind of follows my running activities as I tend to work on it as I see new needs to analyse my running. I am hoping that working on the app will have the reverse effect and make me go out and run to try out new features 🙂

So I am releasing a new (and first of 2022) version of ConnectStats (7.2) with mostly two new features, at the request of users.

Running Effectiveness

Running Effectiveness is a simple metrics a user asked for that is a good indicator of how effective the runner was at converting power into speed. So it’s simply speed divided by power. It make sense, and I am curious now to see how it will show for my activities and how it will varies with different effort of running. One neat aspect of the formula (for geeks like me) is that if you wonder what unit meter per second divided by watt per kilogram gives you? It’s simplifies into kilogram per Newton! Kewl!

Now, as with most performance metrics, it’s really much more interesting if you can look at it historically. But while I had made quite a few improvements to the aggregated statistics pages, power curve analysis, etc, I quickly realised that the screens that showed historical analysis of an individual metrics were not really modernised and not so useful. So I also started working on improving this.

Single metrics statistics

The screen you see when selecting a metrics in the Summary page in the statistics screen will give you details on the metrics value historically. You can see monthly, weekly or yearly average, sum or max (depending on the metrics type) as well as changes from the previous period.

You can change the configuration by tapping on the buttons on the top right, and if you long press the buttons, you will have more configuration option, similar to the other fields.

A still missing but upcoming feature: you currently can’t change the X field of the scatter plot and if you tap on the graph the screen does not yet let you configure the graph properly. This will be coming in a new release soon.

Here is a quick capture of the feature

14 thoughts on “Running Effectiveness and historical statistics improvement

  1. Hi – there’s still an issue with the pace and speed stats for a run – the ‘Best’ pace figure is the same as the figure for maximum speed – the speed figure is correct. Thanks!

  2. For me, the running is not applicable, since I am recovering from knee surgery. I do walk some, although after about 3 hours it starts hurting me.

  3. It would be great if you could add a filter on the stats screen, so that I can e.g. choose all runs >20km. That makes it easier to compare them. Thanks for this great app though!

  4. This is great app. Would it be possible to add setting that enables to exclude data where distance is below, say 0.5 km?

  5. I have a problem with the app, it downloads only activities such as runs or rides. The app doesn’t download anymore steps and other biometric data throughout the day.
    Am I the only one?

  6. Dear Developer, I have been using this app for many year and its a must to analyze my running.

    I would like to ask one question: The weekly or monthly totals are weighted or simple averages?

    Congratulations for this amazing app.

  7. Hi ! I’m Connectstats fun. Thanks to develop app !
    Sorry, if I will post my coment at latest post, I cannot post.
    So, I try to post in this section.
    I uninstalled my Connectstats app in my smartphone, and I tried to installed again. I could install Connectstats app, but I couldn’t log in Garmin site.
    In app of version 8.0, it didn’t appear Garmin log in section, and appeaed “Error updating ConnectStats: Invalid name or password”.
    I cannot solve this situation. Please help me !
    Sincerely yours.

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