HealthStats, ConnectStats new sister app…

HealthAppLaunchJust released a new app HealthStats. It has the same core as ConnectStats, but it’s geared towards analysing data in the Health app of your iPhone.

It’s aimed at data collected either via the motion coprocessor (M7 or M8) of the latest iPhone, or collected via the Apple Watch.

If you have an Apple Watch and collects workouts, they should also appear in HealthStats.

My wife just got an Apple Watch two months ago, so I could only do limited testing, but on my initial tries the data collected by the watch is pretty limited. But with HealthStats, you will have ability to dig into that data much more than you can with the native Health App from iOS.

As with ConnectStats, it’s all about data, so the look may not be fantastic… But I intend to add as many ways as I can think of to look at the details of the data.